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Merry Christmas from ASFA!

Merry Christmas from ASFA!

Merry Christmas from ASFA!

We wish everyone happy and healthy holidays!

Personal Trainer Certification Requirements: What it Takes

Personal Training Certification

If you have ever looked into taking a personal trainers course, you know the education required to be a personal trainer. There are many personal fitness trainers school options available to fit every type of learner and every type of schedule.

Any individual wanting to complete the certified personal trainer requirements, must be 18 years old at minimum to be eligible to test with ASFA®. You must also have a current certification in CPR and AED before beginning your training. If you know the establishment you are seeking employment to, check with them first to see what form of certification they require you to have. The company you seek to receive your certification from may require a specific type of certification as well. CPR and AED certifications are both offered online or as a hands-on class with hands-on instruction. Many testing companies and health clubs require that you have the hands-on classroom instruction for the CPR and AED certifications. These can sometimes be trickier to schedule if you live in a smaller town where the classes are not as easily available. The larger cities have classes year round through national organizations such as the American Red Cross that can offer hands-on CPR and AED testing. Many of the local recreational centers in the larger cities will offer a hands-on class as well.

Once you are ready to test you can take the cpt practice tests to get comfortable with the testing format and to get an idea of areas that you may need to go back and study more. Some of the textbooks or online study guides will include a personal trainer quiz that can be a beneficial study guide as well. Once you have passed all of the practice tests, that is usually a good indication that you will be successful on the actual testing.

Now that you have what is required to become a personal trainer, you know you have what it takes. Use the testing as an opportunity to celebrate all of your hard work. It is your moment to shine. You now get to help others in their own fitness journey and inspire others to be the best that they can be.

Personal Training Certification

Online Barre Certification – Graceful Fitness

Barre Certification

Barre and ballet fitness home study courses are a great option for people looking into online personal trainer programs. Computer course home study options give trainers the ability to train for specific certifications in their spare time. Barre certification is one of those online courses that you can take to compliment your training certification.

American personal trainers are seeing a greater demand in health clubs for dance related fitness. Clients like the fun atmosphere and the variation from tradition aerobics that allows them to be creative and freer with form and routine. Barre fitness is one of those dance rooted certification courses and a graceful way to get fit.

Workout instructor certification allows the trainer to teach group classes. From here, many trainers will choose a specific area of wellness they are comfortable teaching. Barre certification is on the rise due to the demand for more graceful fitness. These moves involve stretching and toning using a ballet bar. The moves can also be adapted to be done at home or anywhere.   Barre fitness increases strength, increases lean muscle growth, aids in the prevention of aches and pains in the knees and other joints.

Online barre certification courses can also help you to do classes online and help to fill in those gaps for trainers who also engage in online coaching. Social media makes it easy for trainers to get information out quickly. Some online fitness coaches will record videos of themselves performing barre fitness so demonstration is readily available to individuals that may require more help.

Barre fitness will also help to improve your posture, thus eliminating lower back pain. It is also a great low impact exercise for all ages and fitness levels. Seniors and clients that are new to fitness like the low injury risk factor. The barre provides support and can be used for as ever long as you need.

When you are ready to add a little variety to your routine, consider an online barre certification to plie and lunge to a fitter and more energetic version of you!

Dance Fitness Certification: Have Fun with Fitness!

Dance Fitness Certification

Acquiring a dance fitness certificate enables a trainer to teach dance fitness group classes. The classes can be really fun and vary vastly in format and styles since the instructors have many different styles of dance to choose from and incorporate into a routine. Dance fitness certification also gives the instructor the greatest level of flexibility and creativity with class formats and clients really get to have fun in these types of settings.

Dance fitness is a great aerobic endurance activity. Dance fitness can also help strengthen and tone depending on what type of style you participate in. Dance fitness certification can include dance moves from jazzercise, burlesque, belly dancing, ballroom cardio, country line dancing, free form, salsa dancing, Zumba, and Bollywood. There is truly something for everyone with dance fitness. The moves can be beginner or can be modified to be more challenging depending on what your current skill level is. Even though the classes are taught as a group, each participant is able to work out at their own pace so you can get choose how hard you work in a fun and nonjudgmental atmosphere. These styles can appeal to all age groups, genders, and fitness levels.

Passing the certified personal trainer test and having a dance fitness certification can open doors to opportunities for trainers to have more fun with fitness. While working at a gym or local health club can be fun and rewarding, getting to work at a dance studio can broaden your clientele and provide additional opportunities for employment and contracts. Many dance studios want to extend their base customer lists to not only individuals who want to learn to dance, but also to people who simply want to get fit and have fun. Dance fitness certification combines the fun from dance and the training of a fitness instructor to make a high energy class that blasts calories while having fun. Many trainers will look into personal training studio business plans as their dance fitness career continues to grow.

If you like to have fun while getting fit, dance fitness certification is just what you have been waiting for. Look for dance fitness when you work through your certified personal training programs.


HIIT Certification: Get the Most Out of Your Workout

HIIT Certification

Many personal trainer recognize a HIIT certification as a requirement to get the most out of their clients' workouts. High intensity interval training uses short bursts of explosive cardio moves to get your heart rate up quickly and holds it for a short amount of time. It is followed by another short period of strength training. Then sequence then begins again. Creating these intervals of aerobic and anaerobic movements torches calories faster than a traditional aerobics class making it the best choice for calorie burn in a short window of time.

Corporate health and wellness programs have adopted many of the HIIT workouts into their corporate fitness programs to allow employees to get the maximum amount of workout into a shorter window of time, making it perfect for professionals with a busy schedule. Certified fitness instructors love being able to adapt different workouts into their routines giving them more creative freedoms than a traditionally structured fitness class. Fitness certification courses provide trainers with all the knowledge they need to keep up with the modern trends in strength training and cardio giving them a better advantage when creating a high intensity interval training program. They understand the need to keep the classes fresh and fun, but challenging enough to get the job done and to help clients stay on track to reaching their fitness goals.

HIIT certification also allows you try new techniques without having to be committed to them for an entire class. Since the intervals are very short, it makes it fun to add in a new exercise safely. Trainers will need to watch their clients to ensure that good form is used on the newer moves to prevent injury. Injury often happens from having poor form. Ensuring that each participant is doing the exercise correctly, leaves clients happy and returning for more classes.

HIIT certification is all the rage for clients looking to maximize their fitness classes. Using cardio and strength training together gives you a full body workout and builds core strength to have better posture and increased core fitness. Get the most out of your workout with a HIIT certification.

Barre Certification: Tone Yourself on the Barre

Barre Certification

A ballet exercise routine is a fun way to tone yourself on the barre. Cardio ballet and barre certification can help you achieve the ballet workout results of a leaner and toner body.

When working through your personal fitness training courses, those with a background in dance or ballet may opt to teach a Barre full body workout. A ballet barre exercise list includes low impact moves that are performed using a ballet barre. These moves often combine a mixture of pilates, dance, yoga, and ballet and are coordinated to music for an uplifting and energizing class setting. Sometimes small weights can be used for light resistance. Usually Barre exercises use your own body weight as resistance, but more advanced moves may require a little more using the weights.

Barre classes can help you increase flexibility and elongate the muscles and strengthen them. Many of the moves also crossover into functional fitness training and can help increase stability and balance. A flexibility training specialist will use barre fitness to aid clients with their training goals. The barre provides support and enables the clients to reach a deeper stretch without over straining or risking injury.

Barre certifications may not be offered at all establishments that have a personal training certification program. Many schools will have online home study course options for these specialty certificates. These online course options give trainers the ability to add additional education and certifications when it is convenient for them and usually at a less expensive cost as well. Many women fitness trainers will include barre certification for the benefits of stretching and increased lean muscle mass.

Toning yourself on the barre is a fun variation to traditional resistance training at the gym. Barre workouts are usually offered at dance studios and have widely grown into the fitness class schedules at many local health clubs as well. Modifications can also be made so that many of the moves can be performed remotely at home or anywhere you would like to work out. Look into acquiring a barre certification and get toned today!

Step Aerobics: Push Yourself!

Step Aerobics Certification

Step trainers are the instructors that lead a step aerobics class. If you are new to step aerobics, let the instructor know so they can help you set up your aerobic step for class and show you a few basic moves that you can use to follow along until you learn the routine. The aerobic step is a wide piece of heavy weight plastic that you step up on when performing step aerobics. The aerobic step can sit directly on the ground. For a greater challenge, you can add risers to the aerobic step and add height and intensity to your workout.   These risers allow you to customize your workout to the level of fitness you want to perform at. Using uneven number of risers can help create a decline or incline in the aerobic step allowing you to tone up and condition greater numbers of muscles groups.

Group fitness instructor jobs are popular among trainers who have a general fitness certificate. This enables them to teach any type of aerobic or fitness class. Step aerobics help to tone up the lower body, giving definition to the legs, glutes, and hamstrings. If you are thinking to become a step instructor, you will need to complete the step instructor training first. You will learn all the moves of step aerobics and will be able to create a routine that is easy to follow yet challenging for your clients. If you have a new client that has never done step aerobics before, it is okay to perform the moves without any aerobic step all. Better to learn the routine and feel confident, than to trip over the riser and not be able to complete your workout.

Step aerobics is a cardio blasting workout that is fun to do and allows you to push yourself to perform stronger. Grab a step and get online or go to a health club to learn how to be a step instructor. You will be amazed at much fun step aerobics can be!

Master Personal Training Certification: Are You Ready for 2019?

Master Personal Training Certification

When you are working through your personal trainer requirements, you will have the option to obtain additional personal training certificates in areas that you would like to specialize in or have a strong interest in. Not all trainers have equal certification and levels of training. Getting the most out of your training to get a master level personal training certification can help get you ready for 2019!

Having a master level personal training certification is one of the most prestigious personal trainer certifications you can get. It shows that you have put forth more hours of training than other pt training courses. You are able to help a more broad range of clients, both in age and fitness levels. The average trainer takes courses to help the average person achieve greater health and fitness.   A master level personal trainer can help clients that have specific areas of interest or have a specific physical demand or injury that they need help overcoming or rehabilitating from. A master personal trainer can also help with sports specific training. At many establishments, a master level trainer is in charge of teaching personal training certification classes to other trainers. Many of them will also teach trainer workshop programs to keep their trainers up to date on the newest trends and developments in the health and fitness industry.

Master level personal training can also put you at a higher pay scale than your regular trainer or group fitness instructors. New Year’s resolutions often include greater success and an increase of salary. Obtaining additional certifications can grant you that opportunity making you stand out from the other trainers. Master level training always gives you that opportunity for personal growth and continued education as the fitness industry rapidly changes with trends.

Many master level trainers will stay with larger health club establishments which give them greater opportunities to move around within their field. Master level trainers could easily work in other fields as well such as a physical therapists office or another doctor’s office specializing in health and wellness. Many corporations are now adding gyms and trainers to their campuses as they see the added value and benefits of offering those services to their employees. Even online personal training has taken off in the past few years. Wherever you choose to work, having a master level training certificate can help you tackle any job in the fitness industry in 2019. Don’t delay!

Foam Rolling Certification: What are the Benefits?

Foam Rolling Certification

The knowledge obtained from a foam rolling certification gives you the opportunity to learn how to use a foam roller more effectively and safely. Foam rolling is a way to give yourself a deep tissue massage to loosen up tightness and fascia in the muscle fibers deeper than you could get to with massage alone.

Personal trainer training and education teaches not only how to work out, but also how to recover from your workouts. Using a Foam roller can aid in the recovery process, minimizing soreness from strenuous workouts. It can also help loosen up tight muscles that may be causing pain in the joints. It can also help break down lactic acid in the muscles allowing you to recover faster than just stretching alone.  

Schools for personal trainers offer additional certification courses for personal development and to broaden their areas of expertise. Foam rolling certification is a great addition to any personal trainer cert with prospecting clients. It allows you to better serve your clients and can put you in a position for higher demand and better pay. Health clubs and private studios are willing to pay more for trainers who have more certifications and stand apart with more to offer than just a trainer certificate. Online personal trainer schools are another option to obtain a foam roller certification. Many of the personal training seminars have shifted from traditional classroom setting to online giving busy trainers greater opportunities to get additional training and certifications.

When deciding which health and fitness certification to get, consider adding a foam rolling certification class to your trainer plan. Going through additional personal training certification workshops will make you the best of the best. Fitness institutes actively seek out trainers that will bring the most value to their establishments and will be able to fill the needs of their clients. Start your fitness business plan off strong with foam rolling certification.

Foam Rolling Certification

HIIT: Quick & Effective

HIIT Certification

Certified trainers often prefer using high intensity interval training for quick and effective workouts. HIIT workouts use intervals of intense cardio and weight training during the active recovery periods to get your heart rate up multiple times instead of keeping it at a constant level. It forces you to work harder and push through fatigue while building strength and endurance. It is also more effective at burning calories than other traditional styled aerobic workouts.

Caloric expenditures are higher for high intensity interval training workouts, making it a great choice for individuals who want to burn the most amounts of calories in the least amount of time. People who don’t have a lot of extra time to work out can use HIIT training to get a full body workout in less than an hour. Certified weight loss coaches and weight management specialists love HIIT training for the flexibility of using a variety of workouts than can be tailored to all levels of fitness and age groups.

Certified personal trainers vary the training intervals often to help work different muscles and also to prevent boredom. Each class is completely new and different from the one before. You might have a resistance band station combined with fitness ball training and cardiovascular weight training to create the perfect powerhouse of exercises. Trainers get the ability to be creative with their workout routines during HIIT training to keep their clients engaged and challenged for the duration of the class.

High intensity interval training can also increase functional fitness and be used as an effective cross training activity in other sports. HIIT training uses many different muscles and often new muscles that don’t get used as often in your primary sport. It can help to strengthen muscular imbalances you may have to prevent injury when you play sports or challenge your endurance in other activities. HIIT training also strengthens the muscle fibers that support your joints increasing your stability and aiding in agility.

HIIT training is a wonderful combination of aerobic conditioning and strength training that is both quick and effective for hitting your fitness goals. Challenge yourself and try a HIIT class today.

To learn more about becoming a HIIT Instructor, just click the link below!

HIIT Certification

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