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Wearable Technology – Get Fit Faster?

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Wearable technology is all the rage in running and other sports. There are benefits to having statistics and paces available almost instantly. Do they really help you get faster and are the necessary for success?

Wearable technology can be beneficial if you know how to use it to your advantage, but is not always necessarily required for success. Someone with a marathon coach certification may recommend a GPS tracking watch to a new client. These watches are beneficial to people who are doing drills to improve speed and agility or training for distance. A GPS watch can track pace and average run time. You are able to upload the information to your computer and see patterns over time to monitor improvements made on a specific course. You can track and compare your fastest miles and your longest distances to see where improvements can be made. This can also be beneficial if you are trying to find the reason to a problem, such as rib pain while running. If you normally run an eleven minute mile and had rib pain during a specific portion of your run, you could track that specific portion of your run. The usual culprit would be you ran that specific mile too fast! Having access to that type of data could help you see where you need to slow down or speed up to keep the desired pace or goal time.

Activity trackers and pacing tools are great for interval training or Galloway Method running. You can use the tracker or pacing tools to set your desired interval pace times. Using a tracker or device can help ensure that your pace stays consistent throughout your run. This is very important for distance runners. Going out too fast or trying to hold onto a pace that is too fast will hurt your time in the end or make you more susceptible to injury. Using a tracker is a great way to make sure you stay steady and within the pace and times that you have trained for. Runners recommend these trackers as a tip for running in heat as well. Slowing down their pace and taking interval breaks allows them to get through those miles in adverse weather conditions.

Heart rate monitors are also great tools for individuals who use heart rate training to increase endurance training. Heart rate monitors can also be beneficial for those who are running while overweight. You can make sure that your heart rate does not get too high putting your health at risk.

Wearable technology can certainly help you with training and help you to reach specific goals. They are not necessary for success and you can still enjoy the sport of running without them. If you have specific training zones you are trying to obtain, a tracker is the only way to make sure you are getting that specific type of training since you will have more accurate information to track.

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Gym Trainer Qualifications: Basic to Advanced

Personal Training Certification

If you have considered obtaining a gym trainer certification, you know how to get a personal training certificate. You will go through your requirements to be a personal trainer and pass the CPT exam. Passing that first test will give you the basic training you need to train.

A basic personal trainer certificate allows you to work one on one with clients to help them in designing a resistance training program or cardio routine that is best for them in achieving their personal goals. You will get to assist with basic questions and solutions to fitness and health related topics such as calories per pound of fat needed to burn in order to lose weight. You will be able to perform a skin-fold measurement to help create a starting point and a solid number to track growth and progress. You may even be asked for free bodybuilding tips from individuals interested in increasing muscular growth and strength.

As the questions from clients become more detailed and you start receiving clients that have specific physical needs or injuries that they are trying to overcome, a more advanced skill set will be required. Many trainers will study for multiple certifications to help bridge that gap from basic to advanced qualifications. These extra sets of skills will help them branch out to help a broader range of clients, making them in higher demand and with higher pay as a gym trainer.

A gym trainer with more advanced qualifications will be able to calculate caloric expenditure by activity and discuss advanced concepts of personal training textbook scenarios. They will understand the VO2 max table and be able to assist in sport specific areas of endurance training. They will be able to use their personal fitness instructor certification to the max with their advanced qualifications.

Gym trainers range in qualifications from basic to advanced. Both have specific jobs and needs that they fill within the fitness community. Trainers are able to advance their own studies anytime whether it be during a fitness workshop or an online course. There are always opportunities for personal growth to help others.

Personal Training Certification

A New Year, A New You!

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Starting a new year is the perfect time to start new healthy habits and welcome a new you. Lifestyle changes are gradual and can take time. Making small changes gradually gives you the greatest opportunity for success. The New Year is the perfect time to reset your life and trade out bad habits for newer healthier ones.

Start with an activity that you like and make it fitter. Do you like swimming or like being near water? Contact a trainer that has a water aerobics certification and take your workouts to the pool! If you belong to a health club, try a water fitness class. Water fitness classes are a fun way to get in a full body workout that is low impact and easy on the joints. It is also a great way to connect with other individuals who enjoy being in the water too. Water fitness classes can be performed at your own pace and have an encouraging atmosphere that is non-judgmental.

Do you like riding bikes? You can perform indoor cycling routines in the safety of your own home or health club. There are also indoor cycling classes if you like to do indoor cycling drills with a group of people. Cycling classes are high energy with great music. The instructor can help guide you through the class or you can go at your own pace if you choose to.

Are you more interested in simply performing your daily activities better? Functional training modalities are great at strengthening your everyday skills and moves. Sports coaches will use functional training to strengthen their training and performance. If you are prone to injury, back injury personal training can be used to help strengthen those imbalances and prevent injury all together.

If you are unsure where to start, seek out a personal trainer to help fill in those gaps. A trainer can test you to see where your fitness level is. A trainer can also help design a customizable fitness plan that is personalized for your fitness goals. A trainer can help monitor progress and can help celebrate the little milestones on your fitness journey.

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Staying Fit Through the Holidays and Winter

Sports Nutritionist Certification

Staying fit around the holidays is easier than you think when you set clear goals and follow a training plan. When you need help setting goals and creating a plan to help you reach those goals, hiring someone who is health coach certified can make a big difference. A trainer who has a sports nutritionist certification has completed the requirements for being a personal trainer, yet also has some nutrition and health background.

Setting clear goals helps you take the guess work out of each day. Trying to decide what activity to do and how or where can be stressful. Being able to follow a plan helps prep you mentally for that week. You know exactly what you are going to accomplish that day because you have already written it down and created a plan to stick with it.

Making fitness a part of your routine is important when wanting to stay fit around the holiday season. If you make a plan to work out every morning, you already know when you go to bed that night that you will wake up and get your workout in. Hold yourself accountable or use an accountability partner if you struggle with early morning workouts. Plan to meet a friend for a few miles in the morning. Start a walking group. Connecting with other individuals who have the same goal of staying fit around the holidays can easily bond.

Taking the holiday time to try a new class can be a fun option to re-ignite your joy for working out. You can try a new martial arts fitness program or a trendy yoga class. Both are great examples of how to stay fit when Mother Nature doesn’t want to play nice. Water fitness in the pool is popular or even a good kettlebell workout with a local trainer.

Holiday times can be a stressful time for individuals. Making time for you to go to the gym or grab some miles outside can help leave you feeling energized and proud. Set a clear goal that is realistic so you can track your progress without causing additional stress or panic. Celebrate the smaller accomplishments along the way – they add up into one really big accomplishment in the end.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

Online Personal Fitness Instructor Course: Learn at Your Own Pace

Personal Training Certification

Online personal fitness instructor courses allow active individuals to pursue a personal training certificate at their own pace. This is perfect for people who are already working a full time job and are thinking about making a career change into the fitness industry and getting certified as a personal trainer. Online classes also provide opportunity for current trainers to obtain additional training certifications to better themselves and their fitness business plans.

There are many types of personal training certifications to choose from online. Many online schools can provide a list of personal training certifications that they offer - including ASFA®!  With so many choices available, there is something for every level of trainer.

Online study groups are a great way to connect with other individuals who are also studying how to be a certified personal trainer. At ASFA® - the cpt exam information is readily available online making it convenient for anyone to study at their own pace. You can study alone or with an online study group. If you are able to connect online with other trainees in your region, you could even create a support and study group in person. There are also personal trainer certification workshops across the country that you can attend to enhance your online studies. These online groups can also help you create connections when you are ready to seek employment opportunities.

Doing your training online at your pace gives you the flexibility with scheduling to do as much or as little as you want whenever you have the extra time. Many individuals will do everything completely online from the studying, text taking, and training. Online training and coaching has become popular as many people are simply too busy and over booked with their own personal schedules to make appointments at a health club. Online coaching gives those people an opportunity to complete their workouts from anywhere and anytime. With an online coach, they can receive personalized training plans as they would if they were at a health club. Personal growth can work both ways with online instructor courses.

Personal Training Certification

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Fitness Certification Courses: Where Should You Specialize?

Personal Training Certification

Certified personal training courses can help you specialize in a specific area of interest in the fitness industry. Personal trainer courses can provide you with all of the personal trainer instruction you need to be successful in an area of interest.

If you want to work in a school or with children, a health fitness certification would be the perfect choice. This would provide you with the necessary education to help younger athletes learn about creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle and healthy choices that they can use throughout their life. Fitness and nutrition training are in high demand and the population is paying more attention to the activity levels and food consumption habits of adolescents. Educating the younger generations can help protect them against preventable illnesses linked to diet and exercise in their later years.

Many companies are following this trend and offer wellness program benefits at work. A certification in personal training can help you establish and maintain easy corporate wellness programs for employees. Your involvement in their health and fitness can help promote a more positive workplace environment, higher levels of work output and productivity, and fewer sick days overall – saving larger companies a lot of money. Work place fitness programs rely on motivation from a well-trained specialist that employees feel that they can relate to. Inspire others to be more active and to take greater personal responsibility for their personal health.

Doctors’ offices often will recommend trainers to patients to help with specific areas of fitness.  Balance and Stability Instruction and Senior Fitness specialists are often used for older individuals to help create more stability and to prevent falls. Helping patients to stay injury free can help them keep their independence longer and increase quality of life.

There are many options to specialize in when you begin your study of fitness certification courses. Research where you want to work and see what certifications will help you reach your goal. Many companies will require a specific area of certification. At ASFA®, we do our best to accommodate your needs with over 30 certification specialties!  Getting specialized certifications in an area of your interest is the first step in getting closer to the fitness job that you want to have.  So, what are you waiting for?  Test today!

ASFA Certifications

Gym Trainer Certification: Which One is Right for You?

Personal Training Certification

When you begin your personal training education, you will have to consider which ASFA® gym trainer certification you want to get.  Deciding which fitness trainer license is right for you will depend heavily on your personal preferences and passions. There are many different varieties of certifications to get depending on where you want to work or the clientele you want to work with.

For example, if you have aspirations to become a kickboxing instructor, you will need to get a certification as a certified kickbox/step aerobics instructor. Group fitness instructors are taught how to lead a class of people with various levels of fitness. They learn how to create a routine that flows from one move to the next. They also learn different variations of modifications so that more advanced followers can be challenged and the newbies can be confident as they follow along. Group fitness instructors need to be outgoing and creative to retain clientele and keep their classes’ fun while creating an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.

Other trainers will work with clients specifically as a weight reduction specialist or as certified sports nutritionists. These trainers could work in a gym along with personal trainers to help enhance the gym workout and lifestyle changes. These trainers could also work in a doctor’s office to help provide guidance to patients that are trying to make positive changes in their fitness routine.

Sports specific training certifications are great certificates for those helping with sport specific training plans or sports coaching. Clients that are into anaerobic workouts or weight lifting have a lot to gain from a trainer who has strength training certifications. They can help build muscle mass and help protect the joints and ligaments.

Deciding what you want to specialize in will help you determine which certifications are right for you. The more certifications you have, the better-rounded your fitness background will be and you will have that much more to offer your clients.  

Personal Training Certification

The Benefits of a Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness Certification

Following a smart fitness training plan can be just what somebody needs to make positive changes in their journey to better health and fitness. For others, having fun while getting fit and having an accountability partner to push you through it can be even more beneficial than the best one-one-one training.

One of the benefits to participating in group fitness classes are the good vibes and encouraging atmosphere you get from engaging in an activity and sharing a common goal with others. The goal will range slightly from each person, but the unity of a similar goal can bring people together. Some will want to increase endurance, others will want to lose weight or build strength. Some just want to have fun with other adults and others will use classes to manage stress. Whatever your personal reason it, you connect over that common goal of completing that class.

Another benefit to group fitness classes are the cost. You might wonder how much does it cost to get a personal trainer.   That answer varies from each trainer based on location, level of experience, and number of certifications. Group fitness classes cost significantly less than one-on-one training since you are splitting that class cost with other clients. You will also receive less one-on-one instruction. The instructor will lead all clients together at the same time.

Group fitness classes are fun way to help get new and shy members into a gym or studio. With the percentage of Americans overweight continuing to increase each year, it can be nerve racking for new members to feel like they fit in with all the equipment that might seem foreign to them. Attending group fitness classes can help you overcome that fear and make you feel comfortable in the gym.

Another benefit of attending a group fitness class is the connection to different fitness trainers. You will get to meet many different types of trainers who are passionate about different aspects of fitness and health. This can help introduce you to new experiences and healthier habits. Any group fitness instructor has completed their fitness certification course and can pass along their fitness training education to you.

There are numerous benefits to attending a group fitness class. The most important is to have fun and to be consistent. You cannot achieve greatness after just one class. You need to find one that you enjoy and stick with it to see the results that you want. Sign up for a group fitness class and reap those benefits today!

Group Fitness Certification

Physical Trainer Education: Do You Know Your Anatomy?

Personal Training Certification

When you learn personal training and prepare to take your cpt examination, you will learn the necessary anatomy of the muscular and skeletal systems so that you can help train better. Understanding how the human body works can help you create custom fitness plans to help a client protect and strengthen their joints and to overcome an imbalance or injury. It can also help keep them injury free and can help improve their daily lives.

Understanding anatomy can help you assist clients in a more detailed manner. When a client complains of an ache or pain, you would know if active isolated stretching would help and be able to demonstrate it properly to ease any discomfort. Without proper knowledge of anatomy, a small ache or pain could easily turn into an injury that could take months of physical therapy to recover from. Your clients trust you and your knowledge to help keep them fit and injury free.

Sports training requires knowledge of anatomy to assist with better quality training as well. If you have a client that complains of stomach pain while running, you would know that caffeine before running can sometimes wreak havoc on a sensitive stomach. Running also restricts blood flow from the stomach lining to support the larger leg muscles better. This is why many runners experience nausea while running.

When you learn muscles anatomy for your personal training certification, it can help get you the top personal training qualification (ASFA's of course!), giving you the maximum amount of opportunity for career growth within the fitness industry. Many trainers with vast knowledge of anatomy could consider work in a doctor’s office with physical therapists to help patients recover from injury or with chiropractors fix an imbalance and stay injury free.

Knowing your anatomy is a necessity when studying for a physical trainer education. It not only gives you an edge above your co-workers, but benefits your clients as they come to you to help better themselves. Education in anatomy can help you customize training plans better and can help clients achieve goals they might not have been able to reach without your knowledge.

Personal Training Certification

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