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ASFA Book Highlight--Methods of Group Exercise Instruction Book (4rd Edition) $99.99

Methods of Group Exercise Instruction Book (4rd Edition) $99.99
In the constantly evolving world of fitness and exercise, it is challenging to become—and remain—an effective group exercise instructor. Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Fourth Edition With Online Video, offers expert guidance in a variety of group exercise formats so current and aspiring instructors can hone their skills and create demand for their services. The authors—who have dozens of years of experience—thoroughly explain group exercise training principles, correction and progression techniques, and safety tips. They also have taught this course within a university setting. This research-based text will enhance the skills of group exercise leaders and prepare them to lead more dynamic, safe, and effective classes for clients of differing ages, abilities, and interests.

Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Fourth Edition, goes beyond theory to help fitness instructors and managers understand the why behind class and program design, the proper way to cue participants, and the variety of modalities they can use in their teaching. Revised and reorganized based on current industry best practices, this edition includes the following:
- Over 100 minutes of online video demonstrating warm-ups, routines, drills, and 15 new class formats
- A new chapter dedicated specifically to instructing older adults
- New coverage of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
- Two additional sample class plans for featured group exercise formats

The text also features a number of additional learning aids to help readers retain and apply the content. Pro Tips offer insights and expertise from industry veterans; boxes and sidebars highlight important topics, research findings, and technique and safety checks; practice drills offer opportunities to apply the information; and evaluation forms are provided to self-assess teaching success.

Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Fourth Edition, will prepare any group fitness instructor for a successful career. Students will gain a strong foundation to earn their group fitness certification, and veteran instructors will be able to refine their skills to increase their marketability and success.

Reference for fitness, physical activity, and group exercise instructors, including those preparing for certification; textbook for exercise science, fitness, physical education, kinesiology, public health, and recreation students training to be group exercise instructors.

Are you ready to take your Group Fitness to the next level? Maybe you are looking to be a certified Bootcamp Instructor!  ASFA® offers a combined Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction certification that provides you with the skill-set and knowledge base that you need to teach Group Fitness and Bootcamp classes.  Indoor or Outdoor, beginner or expert, you are ready!
Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instructor Certification

Agility Training For Improved Athletic Performance

Speed and Agility Instruction Certification

Athletic performance can be enhanced with agility training added into your training routine. A fitness trainer expert can help design a training program that is specific to your sports needs for improved athletic performance.  

When trainers are training on how to be a fitness coach, they will study multiple types of exercises to help a variety of athletes perform their best. Agility training is one of those types of exercises that can help improve power, speed, balance, coordination, and competitiveness of athletes. Examples of agility training include plyometric jumps, shuttle runs, forward running with high knees, and lateral running using side to side drills. All of these exercises can help athletes train harder and compete better in their sports. Endurance trainer coaches will use agility training as well to help improve the athletic performance of their clients.

Agility training can help train your body to move quickly and with greater power. Practicing this repetitively in your training program helps increase balance and control, and can increase functional training levels as well. Using agility training can help develop muscles around the joints, protecting the joints and decreasing your risk of sports related injuries. All of those benefits of agility training together enable you to compete harder and more competitively in your personal sport. If you are a runner, you will notice that your race times are faster over time. Your hard runs will seem easier and you will be able to get over that fitness plateau that many runners face over time. Endurance athletes may also notice that along with faster finishing times, they may also notice a decrease in sports injuries. Having fewer injuries will help keep athletes in their game longer with less time on the side bench.  

When you are ready to change up your fitness training routine and take your competitiveness up a level, do some personal trainer scheduling and talk about how agility training can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your personal performance. Many personal training companies have sport specific coaches on staff who can help you with a specific sport or endurance training. Agility training can help improve the performance of all types of athletes and can help build functional fitness as well.  

To learn more about becoming a Speed & Agility Coach or all of ASFA's online fitness certifications just click the link below!

ASFA Personal Trainer Certification & Fitness Certifications




Your Fitness Career Roadmap

Personal Trainer Certification
Having a career in the fitness industry can be fun and rewarding for individuals who love to help others get fit and healthy. Fitness careers can vary from marketing a personal training business to starting your own personal training business. The roadmap to a fitness career starts the same and varies slightly at the end depending on what type of fitness you want to specialize in.

All personal trainers with fitness careers in the gym and a fitness business have to get certified in personal training. Personal training certification requires study, either at home or in a classroom, and then passing the certification exam at the end of the study program. During this training, you will learn all about fitness and muscle exercise anatomy. You will be given tools to learn and guided study programs to follow helping you connect with others that are studying for a fitness career as well. You may even be able to obtain practice exams so you can make yourself more comfortable with the exam process. Some fitness careers require the trainers to be CPR and AED certified as well before being eligible to take the exam. You will have to look up the requirements for the specific certifications that you want to acquire to make sure you have met all of your requirements. After you complete and pass your personal training certification exam, you are certified and ready to start building your fitness career!

This is where the roadmap for fitness careers may vary. If you want to be in a specific area of fitness or be able to help people with disabilities, you will need to continue your education to get certified in other specialized areas of interest. If you want to train remotely and do health coaching, you will need to build your website and create a marketing plan using social media to help build up your clientele. If you plan to work at a gym or health club, you will need to create your resume and start interviewing for positions that are available in your area. Trainer salaries vary as well depending on how many certifications you have, how much experience you have, and how many hours you are able to work.

Knowing what you want to achieve career-wise, can help you build a personalized roadmap to success for your new career in fitness. So what are you waiting for? Click below to get started today! 

Personal Trainer Certification



Kettlebell Training For Success

Kettlebell Instruction Certification

Kettlebell training can help you build strength, tone up, burn calories, and increase stability. As with any workout, the secret to success is in the technique and performing it consistently. If you have never used kettlebells before, it is a great idea to perform a kettlebell fitness test with an instructor who has completed their personal training certification classes.  

An instructor or personal trainer can watch you perform the exercises to make sure you are doing them properly. A kettlebell test is not difficult to complete, but if you are using bad form or incorrect technique, it can throw off your fitness results. Using proper form with kettlebell exercises are also important to prevent injury and strengthen your joints. Your trainer will be able to create a customized plan for you to follow after they see how you perform and what your strengths and weaknesses are.  

Kettlebell cardio workout plans are a great way to blast calories. Kettlebell training provides a cardio workout in addition to strength training so you are benefitting from both. This benefit makes kettlebell training unique compared to other exercises. Other cardio workouts only condition the heart and other strength training provides only anaerobic benefits. Kettlebell works both aerobic and anaerobic for maximum fitness benefits.

If you are new to kettlebell training, start with a light weight and practice using with good form before moving into the heavier weights. Remember that with kettlebell exercises, the power comes from the hips. Your back should always be straight with good posture. Consistent kettlebell training will help improve your posture over time. You should be able to maintain proper form from the beginning to the end of your exercise movement. If you cannot keep proper form, your kettlebell weight is probably too heavy. Try going down in weights until you have built up enough strength to move on to the next weight. Going too heavy or not keeping good form can increase your risks of injury or muscle strain.  

A certified personal trainer specializing in kettlebells can help design a training plan for you and also be able to demonstrate each movement and observe you performing the exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly. Kettlebell class workout opportunities provide a way to learn some new exercises and understand how they can help you reach success in your personal training.  

Check out the link below for more information on ASFA’s Kettlebell certification!

Kettlebell Instruction Certification

Master Personal Trainer – Are You Ready?

Master Personal Training Certification

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Starting a training business can be challenging since there is so much competition in the fitness industry. Having your Master Personal Trainer Certification can help you stand out from the rest and maximize your skills.  

Master personal trainers have all of the training a regular fitness trainer has, but they have continued that education on deeper levels. They have more qualifications to work with a larger range of individuals that may have specific needs. Some of these groups could include senior citizens, teenagers, individuals with a physical disability, or those overcoming an injury. They need more than a basic trainer to help them create a fitness plan and may require assistance completing it.  

Master trainers have a broader knowledge of muscle anatomy for personal trainers which can provide you with extra benefits if you need assistance with strength lifting and conditioning. A master trainer can help you overcome a muscular imbalance with specific exercises tailored to your needs. Memorizing planes of motion is easy for the master personal trainer who has extra training and certifications.  

Master personal trainers are in higher demand for their extra sets of skills. Many will enjoy building a personal training business that can be used in a health club or through social media such as YouTube fitness. You will have more options available to you as a master level personal trainer.  

Master personal trainers can also help you with sport specific performance as well. If you are an endurance athlete, it is common to be prone to hip flexor injuries. A master personal trainer can help identify exercises that strengthen the abductor muscles of the hip and also the adductor muscles of the hip. Identifying your weak points and working to strengthen those areas can help prevent injury and chronic aches and pain. Agility and functional fitness can also be strengthened to help you perform better not only in your everyday activities, but also in your sport of choice.

Click the link below to learn more about ASFA’s Master Personal Training certification today and take your career to the next level!

Master Personal Training Certification

ASFA Product Highlight-Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification

As a salute to National Dance Day on September 21, ASFA highlights our Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification. This celebration commemorates dance as an excellent way to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, as well as an outlet for creativity and art. So get ready to groove and move on National Dance Day!

ASFA’s Dance Fitness Certification and Hip-Hop Aerobics Instructor Certification combo helps experienced fitness professionals meet their continuing education goals while expanding into a fun and stylized dance based-fitness method. Our Dance Fitness Certification online independent study course is a great addition to the knowledge base and exercise routines for any fitness professional. Combining a Dance Fitness Certification with the Hip-Hop Fitness Certification helps trainers reach out to a larger audience and teach more skills.

Fitness professionals across the country are tapping into this fun, year-round fitness method with ASFA’s Dance Fitness Instructor Certification. A Dance Aerobics Certification appeals to wide demographic, making this qualification an excellent choice for continuing education to maintain a cutting-edge grasp in the fitness industry.  Adding a Hip-hop Certification is a great way to spice up your workout regimen!  With ASFA's Dance/Hip-hop Aerobics Certification, fitness professionals can learn about class set-up, dance technique, proper form, rest period intervals and more.

ASFA's Dance Fitness Certification & Hip-hop Aerobics Certification can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through:

- Enhanced understanding of specialized dance/hip-hop moves and fitness considerations

- Utilization of dynamic and fun cardiovascular exercises to increase aerobic capacity

- Increased client confidence in commitment to continuing education

- Ability to integrate a fun and stylized form of fitness into client programs

By expanding your fitness business and gaining this Dance Fitness & Hip-Hop Aerobics certification from ASFA, you will be improving your prospects and stepping up to the next level in your fitness career! Click below to get started today!

ASFA Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification

Is Personal Training The Right Career For You?

Personal Trainer Certification

If you love helping others get healthy and fit and enjoy motivating others, personal training business plans might be in your future. Personal training can be a great business opportunity since you are starting a business with little or no money of your own. Being a personal trainer can give you the scheduling flexibility you need to juggle both career and life.  

Personal training can look different from trainer to trainer. Identifying what your personal needs are and what your own personal career goals are can help you decide what type of training you want to do. Some trainers have specialty certifications in a specific area of interest that allows them to work in fitness areas that they enjoy the most. It could be a group fitness class, or strength and conditioning certification for weight training and bodybuilding. Every trainer has their favorite areas of expertise.   

Trainers pay also varies from trainer to trainer. Some trainers are full-time health club employees and are paid a salary to be there to help anyone who might need assistance. They might have a client that comes in for personal training, but a full-time staffed employee will be there regardless of whether or not a client comes in. They are ready to help anyone who needs a demonstration on how to use equipment properly or provide fitness tips and personal training recommendations.

Other trainers are part-time and only come in to meet with specific clients who have scheduled time with them. Full-time employees can make a higher salary than part-time employees. Individual personal trainers have the freedom to charge a separate rate from a gym membership. Their salary is dependent upon how many clients they see each day. Being a personal trainer can be a perfect supplemental income for those who train part-time in addition to having another full-time commitment. 

Personal training can also be the right career for you if you enjoy learning about fitness and nutrition. Continuing education classes allow you to always be learning and to have up-to-date knowledge on muscles anatomy and exercises. When you are doing your client screening, you’ll be able to apply all of this new knowledge to help others transform their lives and make health and fitness a part of their new healthy lifestyle.   

Interested in learning more about becoming a Personal Trainer? Click the link below to get started today! Pay only if you pass!

Personal Trainer Certification



Ballet Barre Certification – Test Online

Ballet Barre Fitness Instruction Certification

Online testing can help you get personal trainer certification in Ballet Barre. Ballet Barre is a low- impact workout that combines ballet movements and Pilates exercises to help tone up and improve flexibility. Personal trainer school online gives trainers a variety of certifications to choose from to help them specialize in an area of interest or to increase the number of certifications they have for career growth.

The best personal trainer certification programs are the ones that work best for you. Not everyone is able to attend hands on classes. It could conflict with a busy work schedule or family commitments. The classes that you want to be certified in may not be offered at a school near you. Having the option to study and test online provides a solution to all of those challenges enabling you to be the best trainer that you can be.  

Ballet Barre certification will be similar to the CPT exam schedule you went through when first obtaining your personal training certificate. You will need to complete the coursework and make sure you study well for the exam at the end in order to receive your Ballet Barre certification. Just like many other online learning options, you will be able to connect with online study groups, online study guides, and have access to instructors online to ask questions and to help you prepare for your exam. Some sites will even provide access to a practice exam so you will know what to expect before you take the actual test. Online certifications are held with the same respect as traditional classroom style courses.  Continuing education courses are also offered online so you can continue your learning and stay up-to-date on current trends within the fitness industry.

Home study course work with options to test online make it convenient for those who want to switch careers or specialize in a specific fitness area of interest. Getting certified in Ballet Barre fitness will allow you to teach barre fitness classes within health clubs and private studios. Many trainers will use their online certifications to work online as well using social media to engage with clients and build their personal training business. Testing online with ASFA gives you a variety of options to fit your busy lifestyle. Check out the link below to learn more about ASFA's Ballet Barre Fitness Instruction Certification

Ballet Barre Fitness Instruction Certification

Niche Markets

ASFA® Certifications

Niche marketing is an essential element of the successful fitness trainer’s business plan. And in the expansive fitness industry, niche market opportunities can seem overwhelming and difficult to decide upon. The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) was founded to help experienced training professionals navigate the complex world of fitness areas, helping them to design a marketing plan specifically tailored to their unique experience and interests.

ASFA’s niche market opportunities include management, personal training to master personal training, as well as Sport Specific and areas such as self-defense, golf, kickboxing and more.

Understanding the need to tailor to niche markets is important for every business savvy personal trainer for fitness instructor. For example, if your market is predominately seniors, expanding your knowledge of Speed and Agility training might not be as helpful as learning about Senior Fitness and Water Aerobics. Conversely, if your market is mostly high-performance athletes, Speed and Agility is exactly a qualification that would benefit your business.

ASFA® Certifications

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

CPT Certification – Online & Convenient

ASFA Yoga Certification

Certified Personal Training (CPT) certification can be done online for convenience and with ease. Online studying and testing options make it possible for busy or working individuals to continue or advance their education. Online certifications are perfect for those who have a full schedule which does not provide a lot of flexibility for time management.

Anyone who wants to get in the business of personal training will need to complete their coursework and pass the exam to receive their CPT. Trainers will need this certification to work at a health club or studio. Even if you want to branch out into the in-home personal training business, you will still need to obtain your certification. Online studies provide individuals a perfect way to switch careers or obtain additional certifications to make you a better trainer.  

Online certifications can also link you to online study groups and personal training correspondence courses. Having a network of support can help keep you focused and motivated during your online studies. You will meet others who are training for the same CPT certifications and you will be able to get valuable information from others online who have completed that certification already. Reaching out to others online can help put any testing anxiety aside. Personal trainer practice exams can be found online, letting you know what to expect and settling any testing anxiety you may have. It can also help you see where you need to go back and review or ask others for assistance. Online forums provide an outlet for asking and receiving information relating to your certified personal training certification.

Fitness social media can help compliment your online learning by connecting you to others going down a similar fitness journey. You will be able to access testimonials from personal trainers that can help feed your passion for health and fitness. After you complete your personal training certification, you will be able to join an association of professional trainers allowing you to connect and engage with other trainers. This can be beneficial for training tips, motivation, job searches, and client searches. 

Sign up online to get your CPT certification from the convenience of your own home! Click the link below to learn more about ASFA’s Personal Training Certification! 24/7 online convenience, pay only if you pass!

Personal Training Certification

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