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Become a Triathlon Fitness Coach

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

Many personal trainers will create a trainer business focusing on coaching for a specific sport. Their personal trainer job description will remain fluid as they continue to train and coach clients. Focusing on a specific task, such as becoming a triathlon fitness coach, can help their clients be better prepared for competition. The workouts will shift from getting fit, to building functional fitness relative to that specific sport to enhance output and power during performance. 

Triathlons involve three sports which are grouped together as one long competitive event. Triathlons include swimming, biking, and running. A triathlon fitness coach can provide specific workouts to help improve performance training in each of these sports. Having a coach to oversee your workouts can decrease the risks of injury from improper exercise form and from over training.  If you have a specific time goal, a coach can help you with speed drills to help you reach your it. If you are prone to injury, a coach can help you do more preventative functional fitness exercises to strengthen the joints and to prevent muscular imbalances. A coach can also help keep you focused and motivated during long training sessions.

Becoming a triathlon fitness coach will also bring you a greater knowledge of body anatomy exercise muscle. This can be especially useful for clients who may be recovering from injury or who are new to the sport of triathlons. A coach will be able to assist with modifications specific to your individual needs so you can still be successful in your sport. A coach can also help you set realistic goals and expectations. Having a realistic expectation can help you be successful as you go on your fitness journey. Coaches can assist you with proper technique and plyometric drills for power and strength. 

When you become a triathlon fitness coach, you become a personal cheerleader for the success of your clients. You get the opportunity to help others reach their goals and to achieve their personal best in competition. Sign up to become an ASFA triathlon fitness coach today and see all the ways that you can impact your community in a positive way!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

Martial Arts Fitness: Get Fighting Fit

Martial Arts Fitness Instruction Certification

Martial arts fitness is a great way to get fit with fighting style flair. Not all martial arts fitness classes are contact activities. Many of them go through the movements for fitness. They are well loved classes for being fast-paced, fun, and can blast a lot more calories than a traditional cardio fitness class.

Physical fitness trainers can teach Martial Arts Fitness once they receive their ASFA certification. Many come from a martial arts background and enjoy combining their passion of martial arts with their passion for fitness. Some will seek out certification in martial arts fitness when going through their personal trainer college courses. Martial arts fitness is exciting to teach and doesn’t require much personal trainer gear. You simply need a large area, so your clients have enough space around each of them, so they do not accidently kick another participant. 

Personal training in Krav Maga can be a great platform for anyone who wants to teach martial arts fitness. Krav Maga combat moves can be incorporated into your martial arts fitness routine. Clients of martial arts fitness enjoy the change of routine when compared to other cardio classes.  They have also commented that martial arts fitness helps to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.  Due to the fast- paced nature of the class, martial arts fitness also burns more fat and calories than most other cardio classes.  Burning higher amounts of calories allows you to reach your goals faster and not have to spend so much time doing extra workouts.    

Martial arts fitness can help build cardio fitness and endurance, at the same time helps you de-stress and relax. It can also help tone up areas that you might have had trouble toning in the past. Martial arts fitness uses all of the major muscles groups and challenges your core and stability.  With time, core and stability is strengthened and it will be easier for you to see these benefits and continue to challenge yourself. 

Martial arts fitness is a great way to get fighting fit with friends. Toning muscles, burning calories, and building self-confidence all in one class!

Click below to check out ASFA’s Martial Arts Fitness Instruction Certification! Take the test today, and don’t pay unless you pass!

Martial Arts Fitness Instruction Certification


Become a Women’s Fitness Instructor

Women's Fitness Instruction Certification

Becoming a certified Women’s Fitness Instructor is a great way to help women get fit and stay healthy. Personal training goals can be fluid between genders, but women can have specific health and fitness concerns.

For example, women in their late teens and early twenties can still struggle with hormone fluctuation that can have a negative effect on training or nutrition goals. Having a fitness instructor with the right personal trainer skills can help you determine what lowers cortisol levels for you and help create a personalized fitness plan that works best for what you personally need.

Women in their reproductive years also have different fitness and health needs when compared to other age groups and genders. Fitness turns into a focus for personal health so that pregnancies can go smoothly and getting fit after baby can be an easily obtainable goal. Fitness during reproductive years uses a lot of functional fitness to add flexibility and stability for overall better daily living. Trainers take on that job as personal mentors during those years to help women achieve the best fitness they can for where they need to be at that time.

Women’s fitness and health changes again in premenopausal years when bone density decreases. Women lose bone density at a higher rate than their male counterparts. It is important for women to do more resistance and strengthening exercises to help prevent the loss of bone density.  A trainer can help you through the principles of resistance training to help create a strength training program for your individual needs. A personal training facility or fitness center may offer some functional fitness exercises as well to help improve stability and decrease the risk of fall related injuries. 

Women’s fitness instructors are sensitive to the specific needs of women’s health throughout all the stages of their lives. Personal trainers can help women at all fitness levels to perform at their very best and meet their personal fitness goals. Getting a certification in women’s fitness helps you create a specialty program that is unique and in demand.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to check out ASFA's Women's Fitness Instruction Certification today!

ASFA's Women's Fitness Instruction Certification

Balance and Stability Instruction: Help Prevent Falls

Balance and Stability Instruction Certification

Balance and stability instruction can be used to help prevent injuries and falls. Increasing functional fitness can help improve balance and stability as well as flexibility and agility. Functional fitness exercises can be performed in a gym or with in home training. Balance and stability instructional exercises can also vary from person to person depending on your current level of fitness and your personal goals. 

Using functional fitness to help prevent falls is common with senior citizens and individuals who are recovering from an injury where falling could be a big risk factor. Personal trainers will use stability exercises to help prevent overuse injury and increase balance. A personal trainer coach can help you create a training plan that protects and strengthens joint movement. 

Popular balance and stability exercises include core work. The core helps to balance and keep good form while exercising in addition to having good posture, which protects the lower back. Core work can be done with weights or using your own weight as resistance. Stability ball crunch movements are great exercises to increase functional core strength and balance. Plank holds and variations of the plank can also provide increased functional fitness.

Lunges and squats are great moves to help build strength around the joints, increasing balance and stability. These moves can be done alone, using your own body weight as resistance, or you can add dumbbells, a kettlebells or barbell to make it more challenging. The important factor is to keep good form. It is better to go with little or no added weights and keep perfect form than to add resistance and do the exercise incorrectly. Performing any exercise incorrectly can increase your risk of injury and can also decrease the effectiveness of the move itself. 

Single leg stands are also a great way to build stability and prevent falls. Single leg stands focus on balance and core strength to execute correctly. Toes touches are another exercise that increases flexibility and can help prevent falls. Your joints will gain greater mobility and flexibility as you build functional fitness. Balance and stability instruction are perfect for those needing to work on functional fitness training to help prevent falls and injury. 

Interested in Balance and Stability Instruction or Functional Fitness Instruction Certifications? Click below to see all the certifications ASFA has to offer and take a test today! 24/7 convenience, and you don’t pay unless you pass!

ASFA Online Personal Training & Fitness Certifications


Barre Workouts: Your Toning Solution

Ballet Barre Fitness

Barre workouts can be your choice of exercise to tone up your body while improving strength and flexibility. Since Ballet Barre workouts are low-impact and supported with a ballet bar, it is a great toning solution for all ages and fitness levels.

Barre workouts combine ballet-inspired moves, paired with yoga and Pilates to create a fun way to build lean muscle tissue. Abs toning and core work are also emphasized with barre workouts. Your core helps to support the rest of the exercises. The bar gives you greater stability so that you can get deeper into the stretches and the isometric toning exercises. 

Anyone seeking a career in fitness and health will often have clients who want a proper fitness routine for toning. Barre workouts are ideal since they use all of your major large muscle groups simultaneously to create noticeable toning faster than traditional weight training exercises. Exercise form is very important when doing barre workouts so that you do not overstrain any muscles or cause injury.  A certified personal gym instructor or Barre fitness instructor can help watch your form to make sure you are doing it correctly so that you receive the greatest benefit from those moves. They are also able to guide you with modifications, if needed, if you are not able to perform any of the specific movements. 

Using Barre workouts to help tone up can help build lean muscle around the joints, protecting the joints from injury. Barre workouts can also help increase stability and functional fitness that can be noticed in other crossover sports and activities. Barre workouts use your own body weight as resistance, so you always have the perfect amount of resistance that is best for you. 

Whether your personal goal is reducing body fat or toning up, Barre workouts have toning benefits that all fitness levels can benefit from. Do an internet search to find a certified personal trainer’s (CPT) website that shows if they offer Barre classes in your area. Take your toning solutions up a notch with Barre workouts!

Enjoy Barre Fitness so much you’d like to be an instructor? Click here to check out ASFA's Ballet Barre certification program!

ASFA Personal Training & Fitness Certifications

Fit Senior Citizens: The Wave of the Future

Senior Fitness Certification

Senior citizens that are fit lead happier and more independent years after retirement. They are able to do all the things they had dreamed of doing. Being active in your adult years and staying active in your senior years will enable you the greatest opportunity to continue living the way that you want.

If you have a disability or are recovering from an injury, and have been cleared for activity by your primary care provider or physical therapist, you can look into speaking with a certified Senior Fitness Personal Trainer. These trainers are able to work with many different types of senior-specific issues and know modifications that can be applied to a variety of exercises to help seniors get fit regardless of what physical obstacles they might have. Trainers with senior fitness backgrounds also have a lot more training with senior health and wellness needs.

If you are a professional fitness instructor, take advantage of free personal training (PT) courses that are offered at various health clubs in your area. It is a great opportunity to learn something new or to be exposed to a new style of workouts. ASFA offers a Senior Fitness Instructor Certification online at your own convenience 24/7! Don't pay until you pass!

A certified Senior Fitness Instructor can inspire seniors to get out and get fit. If you enjoy being active and helping others, consider becoming a certified Senior Fitness personal trainer. You can even get your Senior PT certification online with ASFA. Also check out our other opportunities to teach senior fitness classes such as water aerobics or yoga to help get seniors active. You can even start a walking group in your area. 

Seniors are our future. Helping seniors stay active and healthy helps us stay active and healthy, too. Seniors who are fit have fewer health problems and have a decreased chance of getting injured from a fall. Being fit and increasing functional fitness for seniors provides them greater stability and stronger joints so that they can be active and independent longer. Make a difference in your community today and help seniors get fit and healthy. If you are interested in becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor, just click the link below!   

Online Senior Exercise Certification


Book Highlight--Advanced Sports Nutrition (2nd Edition), $24.95

Advanced Sports Nutrition - ASFA®

Athletes and coaches are continually seeking ways to maximize efforts in both training and performance. Advanced Sports Nutrition provides the best research- and results-based information and advice that athletes need to gain an edge physically.

Far beyond the typical food pyramid formula, this comprehensive guide presents cutting-edge nutritional concepts tailored for application by athletes in any sport. World-renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot breaks down the chemistry of improved performance into winning principles that ensure an athlete’s key energy systems are properly stocked at all times:

  • Time your meals, snacks, fluids, training, and performances to maintain that crucial energy balance throughout each day.
  • Digest optimal ratios and quantities of energy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for any sport.
  • Consume the right amount of fluid and electrolytes to avoid dehydration and hyperhydration.
  • Identify and maintain a body composition capable of maximal power output with minimal excess weight for specific sports.
  • Understand the effects of travel, high altitude, and age on nutritional needs and performance.

The best conditioning regimens and technical instruction are beneficial only if the body’s engine is properly fueled and ready to operate at peak efficiency. Use Advanced Sports Nutrition to ensure that your body is running on the highest-grade fuel every time you compete or train.

ASFA Online Personal Training & Fitness Certifications

Tone Up With Kettlebell

Kettlebell Instruction Certification

Kettlebell exercises are a great way to tone up and burn calories. Kettlebell workouts are unique for their ability to get a cardio workout in addition to strength training and toning. When you study about fitness training, kettlebell workouts come up often for effective methods of getting a full body workout.

Kettlebell is not just a fitness trend. Kettlebell with proper lifting form can help you save time in the gym by working and challenging your muscles more effectively. Resistance training specialists love the ease and flow of the movements. It provides good overall toning since you have to engage and stabilize more muscle groups when performing kettlebell workouts. 

Another benefit with toning up with kettlebells is the ability to do them anywhere. Kettlebells are portable. You can keep them in your car to workout at a park with friends. You can keep one at work to do in the office or on your lunch break. You can enjoy using them at home as well and they do not take a lot of storage space like a weight bench does. You have the freedom and flexibility to workout with kettlebells whenever you want to. Using a heavier weight or doing more advanced moves is a way to continuously challenge yourself and build strength. 

Kettlebells are also useful because there are many online resources available to you to help you reach your fitness goals. If you have never used a kettlebell before, it would be beneficial to locate a personal trainer in your local area to help demonstrate how to use a kettlebell correctly. A personal trainer certified in kettlebell instruction can also help provide a training routine that is personalized to meet your individual goals. There are online trainers, too, that can help create a training plan for you. Using a kettle bell with good form is the first step to toning up. Performing any exercise with bad form may prevent you from getting the desired results you want and could increase your risk of injury.

Learn some new exercises with kettlebells and tone up faster. You will save time in the gym and increase your functional fitness at the same time. Enjoy a stronger and toner you with kettlebell training.

Check out the link below for more information on ASFA’s Kettlebell certification!

Kettlebell Instruction Certification



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Are Plyometrics the Right Choice for You?

High Intensity Interval Training Certification (HIIT)

Plyometrics, also known as jump training, are an explosive and high-impact way to make a big difference in your workout. Due to the nature of the moves, plyometrics may not be the right choice for everyone. A certified fitness instructor personal trainer (CPT) can help you choose which plyometric moves are best suited for you and can show you how to do them correctly.

Plyometric moves involve a lot of jumping to help engage the muscle to have explosive type power. These moves can help runners run faster and can help other athletes in other sports perform faster with quicker turnover of the leg muscles. In some cases, the muscles of the hip joint and the knees can take the brunt force of these moves. If not done correctly, it could cause injury over the long-term. If you have access to health and wellness training, it is a great idea to have a trainer or instructor demonstrate the moves for you and watch your form to make sure you have good alignment. Aside from increasing the risk of injury if done incorrectly, you also may not receive much benefit from the exercises themselves if they are not done properly.

Plyometric moves are done with precision to target specific muscle growth. Exercises like squat jumps, box jumps, and the long jump are highly effective and examples of plyometrics that can be incorporated into your workouts, like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Athletes who are recovering from injury or those who are very injury prone, may not benefit as much from plyometric styled workouts. Lower impact movements may be best for those who need less impact on their joints. Training older adults requires more of a focus on strength and functional training to improve the quality of their daily living. Plyometric training might be too aggressive for seniors who need strength alternatives as a better option.

Plyometrics can help you build power, strength, increase performance, and agility. Doing them correctly and safely is the key to success.  Mobile personal training creates a great opportunity for individuals who do not have flexibility in their schedules to go to a health club. Fitness videos can also provide instruction on form to help you get the most out of your plyometric workout program. 

So, switch it up—a properly done plyometric routine will boost the efficiency of your workout!

Interested in learning more about ASFA’s fitness certifications? Click the link below to see all that ASFA has to offer!

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