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Are you a company or certified ASFA® professional with a website? If so, you may post a logo linking to our site on your page to show your qualifications!  Choose one of the logos below and copy and paste the code from the box into your website.  

Are you interested in joining our partner program for free?  The general requirements for inclusion on our partners page are as follows:

  1. Submit your company's mission statement.
  2. Submit your company's endorsement of ASFA®.
  3. Provide us your web logo and website link.
  4. Post our web logo and our website link on your site.

Acceptance of new partner applications is at the sole discretion of ASFA®.  Thank you for your interest in our partner program, please contact us at:  with any additional questions.


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ASFA® Logo

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ASFA® is endorsed by leaders in the fitness industry. Please check out our endorsements and partners page for more information!

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