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ASFA Book Highlight, Stronger Abs and Back, $29.99

Stronger Abs and Back

Ancient Greek and Chinese leaders have stressed it for centuries, but only in the past decade have fitness and sports conditioning experts emphasized the development of abdominal and back muscles. Now we have the science to support the argument that the body's stability and power comes from its center.

Stronger Abs and Back shows how to develop the body's core musculature for maximum fitness and athletic performance. Strong abdominal and torso muscles will enhance physical appearance and mobility as well as contribute to the prevention of low back pain--the most common physical ailment in the industrialized world.

Because of its extensive benefits, Stronger Abs and Back applies to a broad readership: office workers who stiffen up while sitting at a desk all week; weekend warriors who play 36 holes on a free day at the course; serious athletes who want the utmost power to perform closer to their potential; and coaches who develop training programs with the best and most comprehensive fitness level of their athletes in mind.

The book features 165 exercises for developing flexibility, strength, and power. It also shows how to select and sequence these exercises in a 24-week sample program for abs and back development.

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Core Fitness Training Certification



Health Club Safety Course: Become a Gym Manager

Fitness professionals with physical training jobs understand the importance of health club safety for their clients as well each other. Becoming a gym manager requires studies in health club safety courses. The gym manager manages all of the trainers within the gym or health club and needs to make sure that all trainers have their up-to-date fitness certifications, CPR training like that offered by MyCPR NOW, and health club safety training. Your clients and gym members will be able to enjoy coming to your gym knowing that they are in a safe environment and have trainers that know how to train them properly and will know exactly what to do if anything should happen in an emergency situation.

Gym managers must oversee the workout equipment in addition to managing the personal trainers. Your personal training could negatively be affected by equipment that is not safe to use. Parts on exercise machines can wear out or get broken, increasing the risk of injury to gym members. Gym managers have to inspect the equipment often to make sure each piece passes inspection and is safe to use. Cleanliness of the facility is also part of the health club safety that gym managers oversee. Sweat can carry bacteria and after many gym goers workout each day and sweat on the equipment, it can create harmful bacteria that could make you sick or cause external skin rashes and irritation. Having a regular thorough cleaning of the equipment can help prevent the buildup of those harmful bacteria. Many health clubs will provide towels to their members so they can wipe sweat and minimize the amount of sweat on the machines and equipment. Many health clubs will also have sanitizing wet wipes around the gym as well so you can disinfect the equipment yourself before and after use. All of these are great safety precautions that gym managers can use to keep their health club safe and clean for their members. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of the health club allows the gym manager to be successful as their membership grows. All certifications for the personal trainers are also managed by the gym manager.  From the aerobic fitness specialist to the strength training specialist, health club safety is an important aspect of running a gym and retaining memberships. Following the protocols in the health club safety course can also help a gym manager grow their business and increase new gym memberships. Learn more about becoming a gym manager by clicking the link below. 

Health Club and Gym Manager Certification


Coaching Certification – Train Triathletes

Triathlon Coach Certification

Becoming a personal fitness trainer for triathletes requires special certification in Triathlon coaching certification. Triathletes have to excel in three different sports to be successful as a competitive athlete in triathlons. Triathletes train for swimming, biking, and running as part of their training. A good Triathlon coach needs to be knowledgeable in all areas to help their client be the best that they can be.  

Busy professionals who juggle training and work need a fitness trainer that can handle the demands of an endurance competition to help them stay on track, stay injury free, and to stay focused to prevent burn out.  It is difficult for many individuals to give attention to both their day time jobs and their training for recreational enjoyment. Having a trainer for your triathlon competition will help ensure that your training sessions are focused and goal-oriented so you train with purpose.  A trainer can help make personal recommendations to your individualized training plan if they feel that you are struggling in any areas.  Sometimes athletes need an extra rest day to prevent fatigue.  Sometimes athletes need an extra cross-training day to prevent injury and increase functional fitness for their specific sport. Having a certified trainer can also help to identify muscular imbalances before they turn into an injury so the problem can be addressed before it takes you out of competition.

A cardio exercise routine will be necessary to build endurance training and stamina.  Aquatic fitness can be used to help strengthen swimming and give joints a break after a challenging training session. Having your Triathlon coaching certification will give you the tools and experience you need to create a successful training plan for your clients. No two clients will be the same and they will have different strengths and weaknesses.  Having your certification will help you stand out from the basic gym trainers at local health clubs and will allow you to provide an extra competitive edge to your client’s training program. 

Triathlon coaching certification allows you to train triathletes in their upcoming competition. Understanding the process and expectations will make you a better coach and will help keep anxiety low for your clients, especially if they are new to competitions. Completing a competition is a huge feat and with proper coaching, your clients can focus on their competition and let their coach handle the training.  Triathlon coaching certification is a perfect partnership for coaches who want to train triathletes for endurance events!

Triathlon Coach Certification


How To Become a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

If you love fitness and nutrition, you may have asked yourself, “What do I need to become a personal trainer and nutritionist?”  You are in luck because getting access to information for a career in nutrition and personal training is easier than ever with convenient online access to study programs and testing sites.

Both personal trainers and nutritionists must acquire a certification to allow them to work in those fields. Many individuals who go through the Personal Training Certification program continue their education to get an additional certification in nutrition to boost their skills and career within the health and fitness industries.  Some nutritionists only get their certification in nutrition and concentrate in that specific area of interest only. 

Getting started is very similar for both personal training and nutrition certification.  You have to find and commit to program that works for you and your schedule.  Online classes are a big help for anyone becoming a fitness trainer or becoming a nutritional consultant.  Online classes provide a convenient option for individuals who are already working a full-time job so they can study when they have time.  Online classes are also great for continuing education and additional certifications.  Many trainers work unusual hours to accommodate the needs of their clients and their hours may vary from week to week.  Having access to online training and online classes allows them to work on their education when they are able to. Online classes are also a great tool for anyone wanting to change careers. It allows them to study and work through the program while having another career on the side. Online coursework is counted equally as classroom work so be sure to take advantage of the online tools and online study groups to help you through your program if you need it.

After you have completed your studies and worked through the program, you will be eligible to test for the certification. Personal trainers will take an exam for personal training and those focusing on nutrition will test for a certification as a nutritionist.  If you have opted to do your studies online, there are online practice exams to help familiarize yourself with the testing process and to make you feel more comfortable and less anxious when taking the exam.  Online studies allow you to take the test online too for extra convenience. You will be able to print out your certification at the end if you have passed the exam and paid for the certification.  That certification provides you with what you need to begin your career as a personal trainer or nutritionist in the fitness and health fields. 

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Personal Trainer Certification


Staying Motivated with Personal Fitness Goals

Personal Trainer Certification

The new year has begun as well as resolutions to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle. The excitement of the new year often dwindles as relaxed holiday schedules go back to their busy and chaotic ways. The bitter cold of winter often discourages fitness enthusiasts from their outdoor winter sports.  So how can you stay on track and stay motivated with your personal fitness goals?

Fitness and health professionals recommend you start slow to allow new fitness regimens or dietary changes to become habit. If you try to change too much too fast, it may become difficult to manage when life gets busy. You may feel discouraged as you struggle to maintain that level of change and balance it with professional and family life. There is no shame starting any kind of fitness or nutrition change as a beginner and working your way through that.  If you made a resolution to have a green smoothie every day for breakfast, find a green smoothie for beginners. It will be a little sweeter than hard core green smoothie drinkers, but you can alter the recipe after you become accustomed to having one each day.  If you made a resolution to wake up every day at 4 a.m. to run before work, start slow and make a resolution to wake up that early at least three days during the work week. After those three days have become habit, it will be much easier to add that fourth or fifth day to your training schedule because you will already be used to getting up that early. 

Keep motivational health and fitness quotes on your phone, on your training log, at your desk, or anywhere else that will help you visually stay connected to your personal fitness goal. Motivational quotes can help us overcome mental roadblocks that limit us and keep us from achieving success, such as “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone” - Michael John Bobak. Use imagery and motivational encouragement to help you get past your personal comfort zone to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Take a gym trainer course to learn more about fitness and learn new ways to workout.  If you have always struggled with a specific area of fitness, such as weight lifting, you can learn new ways to achieve similar goals.  Exercises using body weight as resistance is effective for toning, firming, and building lean muscle. Pool weights performed in a pool help to tone and firm as well while alleviating discomforts from the joints and spine. There is never just one way to do an exercise. Fitness courses help you learn how to be creative with your exercises to help you achieve your goals.

Make your workouts fun!  Incorporate something you love into your fitness routine.  If you love to play golf, sign up to do golf conditioning exercises.  It will not only help you build functional fitness and core strength; it will also help improve your sport and competitive edge. Click below to learn more about all the certifications ASFA offers! Pay only if you pass! Online, 24/7 convenience!

Personal Trainer Certification


Online Personal Training Program – Convenient 24/7

Personal Trainer Certification

Online fitness degrees are convenient 24/7 for busy individuals who want to access a personal training program any time they want to. Online certified programs make it easier than ever to obtain a certification or continue your education and achieve completion of specialty certificates. Online courses for personal trainer certifications are a great way to learn new skills and knowledge for a career in the fitness and health industry.

Online fitness trainers continue to be in high-demand as individuals look for easy access to training plans that are available anytime. Online personal training programs can be completed from any location and worked on during any hours that are convenient for you. Online training options are a good solution for individuals who work full-time or odd hours and want to complete a certification course. Online training programs also provide the opportunity for advancement for any individuals who are already working in the fitness industry and want to obtain additional continuing education credits (CEC) to improve their career and salary. 

Individuals who are looking for an online personal training program to use for themselves to improve their own personal fitness will love the convenient 24/7 access. There are many different types of online personal training programs to choose from for personal use. Online fitness instructors can create sites and blogs to post online group fitness classes and videos for you to enjoy when it is convenient for you. Online coaches, such as running coaches, can create a training program for you and post online or use online interactive tools to communicate with you for easy access anytime. Health and nutritional coaching is often done online too and will use online tools to help engage clients, keep them motivated, and assist with accountability during their personal fitness journey. 

Online personal training programs are the convenient way to access your workouts 24/7. Virtual trainers and online training programs are the newest and easiest way to get you started on a fitness program to reach your personal fitness goals. Online support makes information easily accessible and convenient so you can benefit from these tools whenever you want and as often as you want.

Interested in pursuing a career in fitness? Click below to learn more and get started today! 24/7 online convenience, pay only if you pass!

Personal Trainer Certification

Fitness Makeovers For New Year’s Resolutions

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

Fitness and health resolutions are on top of the lists for individuals wanting to make healthy changes in their lives for the upcoming New Year. As you look over health and fitness blog sites and gym motivation quotes, ask yourself what changes you want to personally make and create healthy goals. To achieve success with fitness resolutions, you have to be honest with yourself in terms of realistic goals and effort. If you try to obtain an unrealistic or unhealthy goal, you may risk further defeat or frustration when those goals cannot be achieved. Having a great personal trainer can help you create an individualized training plan that meets your personalized needs for personal fitness success. 

Choose one goal or one aspect you would like to make improvements on that align with your bigger goal so that you have measurable accomplishments to celebrate along your personal fitness journey. If you are someone who often misses a group fitness class because you lack motivation, work on your gym social network skills to help find an accountability partner. Having a friend go to work out classes with you is a fun way to keep yourself accountable for attending fitness classes. Neither of you would want to let the other down by missing class so it’s a great opportunity to push yourself even when you don’t feel like going.

If you want to build endurance or add more cardio into your routine, choose a new cardio machine that you have never done before. Commit to 15 minutes on the new machine the first week and build up to 30 or 45 minutes the following week. You’ll be able to see your personal growth as the workouts become easier after each session. For variety, switch machines every month to prevent boredom and to challenge new muscles while building cardiovascular fitness. If you tried an elliptical machine this month, try a treadmill or indoor cycling the next month. Rowing machines and stair steppers are also great cardio choices. You will be amazed how quickly your body adapts to training if you are consistent with your fitness training. 

If you want to tone up, have a personal trainer or fitness professional show you how to use some of the resistance training machines at the gym or demonstrate how to do exercises using your own body weight for resistance. If you added 15 minutes of toning exercises to your regular fitness routine every time you went to the gym, you would be able to see significant improvements in strength, tone, and overall fitness within months. Adding purposeful and productive exercises to your existing fitness routine allows you to reap big benefits with minimal changes. Fitness makeovers do not have to be big or time consuming to make a big impact on your health and fitness. Consistency is the key for continued success and healthy lifestyles.

Changing up your routine enough to keep you challenged and engaged will help prevent burnout or boredom. Ready to start the New Year with a career in fitness? Click below to see all the opportunities for continuing education and specialization that ASFA offers!

Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications



Triathlon Coach: Endurance Coaching Certification

Triathlon Coach Certification

When you choose to have a personal trainer career, having the right certifications can help you secure the job that you want.  To become a personal trainer, you simply need to complete your course studies and pass the certified personal trainer (CPT) exam at the end. To become one of the top fitness coaches for triathlons, you will want to continue your education to obtain the Triathlon coaching certification.

Triathlon coaching is different than other types of personal training and coaching. Triathletes compete not in just one sport, but three! Triathletes have to excel in swimming, biking, and running. Many athletes excel in one area and have a coach that helps them compete to their full potential in that one area that they excel in the most. Triathlete coaches have to make sure that their clients are able to compete in three different sports well enough to be able to complete the triathlon. It takes more time, more dedication, and sometimes more motivation than other sports. Having your Triathlon coaching certification helps you excel in those areas as a coach so that you can help your clients find success along their personal fitness journey. 

Triathlon coaches must be really good at listening to their clients and being able to analyze their training times, techniques, and form. If you notice your client that used to be very strong start to have slower training times repeatedly, your client might be suffering from fatigue or could be trying to push through an injury. Both could be serious enough to prevent your client from reaching the finish line at their triathlon event. Having the top personal trainer certifications in triathlon coaching can help you notice these patterns before they become problematic for your client. You can add an extra rest day, tone down the intensity of some of the endurance focused workouts or add more cross training days to correct or prevent muscular imbalances.

Triathlon coaching certifications give you the extra advantage in all three sports of swimming, biking, and running to provide your clients with everything they will need to know to achieve success during training and competition. Pushing your body to the limits can sometimes be mentally draining in addition to the obvious physical aspect of training. Your coaching certification can help you with tips to increase brain power so your client will have that extra mental boost that will help them when they are fatigued. That inner voice inside you that urges you to continue pushing past your limits to achieve greatness comes from mental strength.

Increase your knowledge and skills and take your personal coaching to the next level with a certification in Triathlon coaching by clicking the link below!

Triathlon Coach Certification

4 Tips to Get Personal Fitness Back on Track

ASFA Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

If you have fallen behind with your training plan due to the busy holidays or a busy personal schedule, getting back on track with your personal fitness can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here are some tips you can use to help reset your fitness plan and get your personal fitness back on course:

1. Set some personal fitness goals. Creating goals can help you figure out what type of training you need to be doing. Having a goal can also be helpful when creating a training plan so that you can personalize that plan to fit your goals. Having fitness goals helps you to train with purpose as you work toward that goal.

2. Observe your daily nutrition. This can be as simple as keeping a food journal. You need to know what your daily dietary habits are like so that you can made adjustments to them, if necessary. Many people are surprised how many calories or grams of fat are in items such as salad dressings or granola bars. A personal dietitian can help you make changes to your nutrition plan if you have specific dietary needs to a lot of food restrictions or allergies. Personal health wellness coaches can help you with general nutrition questions and simple changes that you can incorporate into your daily eating habits.

3. Consider hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer is perfect for individuals who want to improve their fitness but don’t know where to start. Read personal trainer bios to learn about their backgrounds and see if you feel that you would enjoy working with one. A personal trainer can help give you a general fitness assessment to help you identify personal strengths and weaknesses and can help you create personal goals based on what you want to achieve. A personal trainer can also help active individuals strengthen functional fitness and prevent injuries. Personal trainers are not just for beginners. All levels of exercisers can improve with the help a personal trainer.

4. Join a social fitness group. This can be a new class that you’ve always wanted to try, like a yoga workout program or a group fitness class. It can be a neighborhood walking group or a social run at a local running store. Working out with other people who are working toward similar goals can help with accountability and motivation. 

These are just a few tips to help you get your fitness back on track. It’s never too late to start or restart your personal fitness journey. Set some realistic goals that are obtainable and that help you work toward your bigger fitness goal. Keep a food journal so that you can see what your daily eating habits are like and be able to make sensible changes as needed. Consider a personal trainer to help you create a training plan if you are unsure where to start and to monitor progress. Join a local fitness club in your area for motivation and accountability.

Ready…set…go…click below to get started with ASFA Certification opportunities today! 24/7 accessibility and convenience. Pay only if you pass!

ASFA Personal Trainer & Fitness Certifications

ASFA’s NEW Advanced Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification

Group personal training certification allows you the opportunity to teach group fitness classes and small group personal training sessions.

ASFA’s Advanced Group Fitness Certification & Bootcamp Certification combination is geared toward experienced fitness instructor working toward their continuing education goals specializing in advanced group exercise instruction.

Many fitness trainer business establishments are seeing the benefits of offering small group personal training sessions to clients. Clients get the one-on-one attention they need and guided training plans to reach their personal fitness goals, but at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer since the cost is divided among the other members or clients of the small group. Fitness trainer programs like to offer their clients these group sessions as a buddy system or accountability partner to make sure you get your workouts in. You might meet with a trainer once a week and each client has their set of exercises to do the rest of the days of the week. Having an accountability partner to workout with who shares similar fitness goals can help make sure you stay motivated and complete your workouts.

Group exercise certifications can be completed online in your spare time. Online study guides and online study groups can be beneficial as you work through the required course work. Online options can also provide you with practice tests so you can feel confident when you take the exam and know what to expect and the format of the test. Once you pass the certification test for group fitness instruction, you are certified to teach group fitness and small group personal training. Group fitness jobs are available at local health clubs, recreation centers, private fitness studios, senior centers, schools, as well as online for online coaching and online fitness sessions. Having your group fitness certification can help you broaden your set of skills and secure more employment opportunities as well as higher pay.

Group fitness classes come in a variety of formats to fit the many different styles of fitness. There are group yoga classes for flexibility, group resistance training classes for strength, group cycling classes for endurance and cardiovascular health, and group martial arts fitness classes for self-defense and confidence building. These are just a few of the many classes and types of training that are available as a group fitness class. Having your group fitness certification enables you to help more people each day while making a positive impact in your community.

Ready to take your group instructor training to the next level? Check out one of ASFA’s newest certifications Advanced Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification by clicking the link below!

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification


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