Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification


ASFA’s Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification is a specialty certification option designed for experienced fitness professionals who want to appeal to clients interested in the nutritional aspects of fitness. By studying for the Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification online, a fitness professional can specialize his/her knowledge and attempt to become a certified fitness nutrition specialist. By taking ASFA's Sports Nutritionist Certification online trainers can help their clients meet fitness goals more effectively through dietary considerations.

ASFA's Online Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification address areas such as:  pre-sport dietary preparation, vitamin/mineral/supplement intake, carbohydrate loading, dieting for muscular gains and more. Understanding nutrition as it relates to sports activity is an important step towards optimizing the effectiveness for any fitness professional's training regimens. Earning an Advanced Sport Nutrition Certification online establishes that trainers have earned the right to call themselves fitness nutrition specialists.

An Advanced Sports Nutritionist Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through:

  • Increased training effectiveness through enhanced dietary knowledge
  • Enhanced understanding of the relationship between sports and dietary considerations
  • Increased understanding of advanced nutrition methodology for performance
  • Greater ability to help clients with sport and fitness specific nutritional choices

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