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Ever since I have received my ASFA® certifications, I was able to expanded a single circuit class to 3 intensity-tiered classes. I have helped people challenge themselves to be better and helped them reach their fitness goals. Numerous of people have passed their annual Physical Test with a pass rate of 85% or higher. One young lady lost 50lbs and 7 inches off her waist from coming to my circuit classes 4 days a week. The number of people in each class grew, class attendance jumped from 25 people to 45 people. People thanked me for pushing them to new heights every class. I was truly humbled that so many people came to the classes and put their trust in me.

Danielle T.

 Success Story

After living in Vancouver, Canada for 8 years, opening a fitness centre with my husband and two partners, and becoming certified in Canada through BCRPA, I was faced with divorce and the loss of my business to my partners. I returned, with my young son, to the US to live near my parents, sister and many loving friends. I had to start all over again with very little money, no job and needing a place to live. I googled ASFA® to find out about certification here in the US. I took the personal trainer test (I already had extensive training in Canada, so I knew the information very well) and passed with flying colors! Now I have clients in many cities near me and have the credentials through ASFA® that give me the necessary credibility. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for both me and my son. We are doing extremely well and are very happy!

KaZ A.

 Success Story
American Sports and Fitness Association® has provided the tools necessary to enrich my knowledge base and remain on the cutting edge of exercise techniques in a tremendously dynamic and competitive field. ASFA® offers an impressive arsenal of programs from Sports Nutrition to Kettle-bell Training. Not only have I used these programs to educate myself but my staff as well. It has become a critical tool in our trainer development systems. The programs have been carefully constructed to offer comprehensive educational platforms for continued professional growth. The programs are unique to any other in the attention to detail, design continuum and progressive approach. I will continue to educate myself with these intricately designed systems of education and advocate the utilization of ASFA® to committed fitness professionals worldwide!

Thank you ASFA®!

Tom T.

 Success Story

It is also imperative to stay well informed and luckily for us, ASFA® provides the opportunity to keep current on the latest information and innovations easily and conveniently. I love the fact that I can enhance my knowledge and add certifications without having to take the time from my busy schedule to attend onsite workshops. ASFA® has given me the tools I need to serve my clients without the hassle.

Laurie N.

 Success Story

My success with ASFA® has helped me out greatly in my transition in careers. For about 8 years, I was an NSCA-CSCS who worked in various places, from small-town fitness centers, to metro-area sports training complexes. My last stop as a CSCS was working in a hospital's fitness center & sports performance training franchise, and later, starting up my own training business with boot camps, personal training, and sports training. In late 2007, I took a relief from my training business and underwent a religious discernment period for the priesthood. I prepared & moved back to my hometown, as my hometown's priest was influential in my discernment. In the middle of 2008, I was not accepted into the seminary, but did stay full-time with my temporary job, turning it into a career change to automotive detailing. In the meantime, my CSCS certification ran out, and I was seeking a basic certification to fill my needs to continue training as a side "hobby job" in my small, rural hometown of about 550 people. I sought out the ASFA® Sport-Specific Trainer course online. I passed the test and took the lifetime option. I then conducted training programs for athletes during the summertime out of my garage, with my new ASFA® Sport-Specific Trainer certification. In the past few months, I have been involved on a local board to turn the city auditorium into a wellness center, and now have moved my training services to that center. I have a full court gym to use in conducting sports-specific training. Having the ASFA® certification helps me retain credibility in my now part-time role of being a trainer. In the future, I plan to take the new Kettlebell Instructor certification, since I use those as an instrumental part of my training programs for athletes.

Rick K.


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