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Sports Nutritionist Certification

Sports Nutrition - The Whole Picture

      Sports nutritionists study nutrition as it pertains to sports performance.  However, sometimes they don't see the whole picture.  Just like personal training, sports nutrition is individual to the client.  A holistic approach should be implemented to ascertain optimal results.  For example, if you just put on a new client who was going to run a marathon tomorrow or the next day... you might recommend carbohydrate loading to optimize performance.  That is...  until you realized that he/she has a gluten allergy.  Or, what about the middle aged woman who is training to improve bone density.  You might recommend an increase in dairy consumption...  until you realize that she is lactose intolerant.

     It's just too easy to fit everyone into the same mold.  Too many sports nutritionists just analyze the best nutrition for sport performance without considering the consequences to their clients.  Taking a holistic approach and considering your clients' work schedules, as well as dietary tolerances is a requirement and responsibility that every sports nutritionist should take seriously.  To continue your fitness education and become a certified Sports Nutritionist, click the arrow below.

Sports Nutritionist Certification
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