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Running Fitness Instruction Certification
     Have you ever considered being a running coach?  Running is a great way to improve your cardiovascular capacity and burn calories.  Whether your clients are distance runners or sprinters, they can all benefit from basic to advanced level running strategies.
Though most personal trainers and fitness professionals are used to the gym and know their way around free weights and machines alike, many clients are intimidated to even step foot into a health club.  However, almost everyone is familiar with running and obviously learned how to do it from an early age.  Still, just because they are running doesn't mean that they are making the most of their time or energy.  That is where you come in!
      Many potential clients want to improve their running performance.  Whether they are jogging to lose weight, or trying to improve their military PFT score, knowledge of the correct form, techniques, nutrition, etc from running can help you.  As a certified Running Fitness Instructor you will learn about stride length and frequency, correct posture, proper nutritional strategies, gait assessment and analysis, ideal shoe selection, running injury awareness and more!
     ASFA's Running Fitness Instruction Certification is a great way to improve your fitness knowledge while appealing to a larger demographic of individuals who are not interested in traditional weightlifting.  Further, as a certified Running Fitness Instructor, you can legitimately change someone's life!  Instructing correct form, implementation and methodology of running can help in improving your client's results and also aid in injury prevention.  So, what are you waiting for?  It's time to make a difference and specialize in Running Fitness Instruction today!
Running Fitness Instruction Certification
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