Tai Chi Certification


ASFA’s Online Tai Chi Fitness Instruction Certification helps meet the continuing education needs of experienced fitness professionals seeking to draw clients interested in learning Tai Chi for fitness. The Tai Chi Certification includes a diverse collection of Tai Chi forms, workout routine development and breathing instruction.  Whether your clients are senior citizens or performance athletes, tai chi fitness can improve their fitness. Tai Chi fitness is a great way to improve flexibility, calm the mind and tone muscles at the same time.

ASFA's online Tai Chi Certification addresses forms for cardiovascular improvement, flexibility, strength development and more. This qualification is time-tested, as Tai Chi has been used for fitness for hundreds of years.  Tai Chi fitness helps center the mind, while strengthening the body.  Specializing your knowledge with a Tai Chi Certification online is a great way to expand your horizons as a fitness professional. Learn with ASFA® today and earn your Tai Chi Certification online.

A Tai Chi Fitness Instruction Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through:

  • Enhanced understanding of a diverse collection of Tai Chi forms, movements and benefits
  • Demonstrated commitment to Tai Chi Fitness Instruction, in key areas such as: core strengthening, relaxation and fluidity of movement
  • Increased knowledge showcasing specialized expertise in tai chi fitness program design
  • Expanding your client base by promoting and instruction Tai Chi fitness classes

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