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ASFA’s Golf Fitness Instruction Certification is designed to help experienced fitness professionals improve their clients’ golf game through fitness. This continuing education qualification is an ideal way to focus your training on golf-specific exercises and techniques. Expanding your knowledge with golf fitness is a great way to specialize your continuing education in a high demand demographic.

Our Golf Fitness Certification provides knowledge in areas such as stance, swing, rotation, dynamic movement training and more. Obtaining a Golf Fitness Instructor Certification appeals to an extremely devoted demographic — a competitive client base that demands excellence and expertise from their instructors. With a Golf Fitness Instruction certification, trainers can assure their clients that they are committed to providing just that. By successfully taking ASFA's Golf Fitness Certification online, clients can know that you can improve their game.

ASFA's Golf Fitness Instruction Certification can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through:

  • A firm grasp of key technical considerations in training, including proper stance, swing and rotation
  • Understanding of ideal training conditions leading to more effective preparation programs
  • Increased client confidence resulting from commitment to focused golf-specific continuing education 
  • Ability to tailor golf-specific training strategies to clients with or without golf experience

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