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Self Defense Instructor Certification

Self-defense certification includes the combination of mixed martial arts and aerobic fitness. These classes are growing in popularity due to their real world applicability and the benefits of a fun cardiovascular workout.

The mixed martial arts aspects of self defense allow the instructor to pull from many different types of martial arts styles, constantly engaging the students and providing enough variety to prevent boredom from routine. The moves focus on upper body , core, and glute strength, providing a great full body workout. The constant movement provides a cardiovascular workout as well, burning calories and fat.

Defensive fitness keeps the mind engaged, as potentially threatening scenarios are talked about and acted out. Students learn to protect themselves, but mainly by avoiding attacks, not hands on combat. Some classes will also focus on personal safety and will help students by giving them tips on how NOT to become a victim and how to keep you safe in vulnerable situations. Moves learned in class are able to be used in the real world, giving students an increased feeling of safety and self-confidence.    

The classes can be fast paced and tend to be high impact, depending on the different styles used. Because they are so engaging, they do burn enough calories to be a great activity for cardiovascular health. Those looking for something a little different from traditional aerobics fitness class and not wanting a lot of choreographed dance moves, will enjoy defensive fitness classes. The instructor can help to modify moves for anyone who is new to the sport or recovering from injury so that you can benefit the most from the class.

Defensive fitness classes have gained popularity in recent years to the growing trend of breaking the traditional mold of classic fitness classes and also for their real life applicability for personal safety and boosting confidence. No prior experience is necessary to enjoy the class. They are a fun and engaging way to try a new sport, build self-esteem, protect yourself, and increase cardiovascular health.

To learn more about becoming a Self Defense Instructor, just click the link below!

Self Defense Instructor Certification

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