Self Defense Certification: A Skill that Everyone Can Use

Self Defense Instruction Certification

Teach individuals how to defend themselves and use their skills responsibly!             

Hopefully, the situation will never arise where you must use self-defense. The large majority of people will go through their lives and will never have to physically defend themselves in a bad situation. Still, if the situation did ever present itself, would you not want to be able to fight off your attacker and defend yourself? Many people have greater confidence once they have learned the art of self-defense, especially those who feel vulnerable or who live in a more dangerous region. As a fitness professional, self-defense is a worthwhile activity to be able to teach. Literally, anyone can learn it, and many people will benefit from the improved confidence and strength it can bring.

ASFA® understands this need and has created a self-defense instruction certification to suit accordingly. During your studies, you will learn about the art of self-defense and how it can be beneficial to our fitness and self-confidence. Additionally, you will learn a myriad of techniques, moves and skills that you can pass on to your clients.   All this knowledge will be learned in a stress-free environment and completely at your own pace. Furthermore, you can complete the final test online, and at your own convenience. 

Having a self-defense certification in your resume will help you expand your business and make a real difference to the lives of many people. You could find that there is a huge number of individuals who take a keen interest in the new service that you can offer and will jump at the chance to join your classes. The ASFA® self-defense certification is the perfect addition to your fitness business and will help you make a real difference with your clients.

Self Defense Instruction Certification

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