ASFA's Sport-specific Training Certification in Review

Sport Specific Training Certification

Why should you consider becoming a sport-specific trainer?                

When looking at the usefulness and benefit of this ASFA® certification we must consider how it translates to your fitness business, what opportunities it can present and why this certification is relevant in today’s society. In the below review, we will identify why becoming a sport-specific trainer should be your next step in the fitness industry!

First, we should look at sport-specific training as a viable option for instruction. Athletes must compete at the highest level and to the peak of their abilities to be the best. While generic fitness training and routines can take them so far, only sport-specific training (and practicing the sport itself) can truly give them the extra push they need to reach the top. Examples of sport-specific training include basketball players performing plyometrics to improve their jumping ability, and cyclists spending time on exercise bikes (will varying flywheel resistance) to improve their leg muscles and stamina. There is a great need for this type of specific professional instruction you can improve your customer base exponentially.

Second, we must consider the accessibility and ease of use of the certificate, and the organization that is distributing it. ASFA® has certified many thousands of fitness professionals throughout the United States and Internationally. Our certifications are based online and they will not interfere with your fitness business. Instead, they remain unobtrusive and convenient. You can study in a relaxed environment, and complete the final examination in your own home.

As you can see, ASFA® is a top choice for fitness certifications. Moreover, sport-specific training is an asset to have as part of your repertoire. This relevant and worthwhile niche of exercise will help professional and recreational athletes improve their performance and realize their dreams.

Sport Specific Training Certification

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