Certified: Self Defense for Fitness Classes

Self Defense Instruction Certification

Teach the art of self-defense and help people improve their confidence and situational combat skills!                

Self-defense is an extremely viable form of fitness and those who practice it will benefit from increased confidence and self-belief. Furthermore, those individuals who take up this form of defensive combat will be able to defend themselves if the occasion arises. Although we hope that we never have too, you never know what situation you may be presented with. Would you not prefer the knowledge to defend yourself if needed? From these sentences, we can see that as a fitness instructor, having a range of self-defense classes as part of your repertoire could be highly beneficial. You can develop your knowledge of this form of fitness via the ASFA® self-defense certification.

When training to be a self-defense instructor with ASFA®, you will learn a whole host of valuable skills and techniques. Self-defense is all about control, anticipation and reflexes. You will learn how to use these assets in various situations. Furthermore, you will also learn when it is appropriate to use self-defense, and can teach your clients about the responsible use of this form of combat. You will find this certification extremely fun, interesting and intriguing and your own self-defense skills will also improve.

We understand how to create practical and relevant certifications that have real benefits to those who complete them. The self-defense certification is just one of many that ASFA® offers. By taking this qualification, you are adding an extremely popular form of fitness to your repertoire. Furthermore, you are appealing to a new range of individuals who wouldn't hesitate to join your self-defense classes!

Self Defense Instruction Certification


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