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Push your fitness instruction career to the max and become a Bootcamp Instructor!

What is Bootcamp training and why is it beneficial to your personal fitness career?

Bootcamp is a physical training program designed in such a way to greatly improve your strength and fitness levels. Classes usually last for about an hour and are organized into groups or teams. A class may start with a warm-up routine or stretching, and then progress into a series of different high-intensity activities such as short-distance running, interval training, and weight lifting. Then, it will usually finish with a cool-down and stretching. This type of group fitness class provides many benefits to both the students and the instructor.

Students benefit from the social support and interaction. Working as part of a team is very motivational. Bootcamp classes can also reduce levels of body fat and improve cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, participants should see great improvements in their strength and general levels of fitness. Instructors will enjoy the challenge of pushing a group of committed students to their limit and will feel highly rewarded after each session. 

Getting your certification in Bootcamp Instruction will boost your reputation as a trainer, and give you the required skill set you need to create and teach your own Bootcamp group fitness classes. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your certification today by clicking the link below!

Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification

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