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Kettlebell Instruction Certification

Most of your clients probably never thought that swinging an iron ball with a handle attached to it could be a great form of exercise. If your fitness goals are not being met, or you are looking for a new routine, the kettlebell could be what is needed to take your fitness to the next level. Incorporating swinging motions that mimic normal jobs that a laborer may do in their career, you can produce a workout that is felt through the entire body and fully functional.  Becoming an ASFA® certified kettlebell instructor is a great diversification for your fitness career.

Different from most traditional training and workout styles, exercises with kettlebells are higher in repetitions and are a higher intensity workout. Kettlebell workouts increase muscle endurance and promote muscle groups to work together. It is important to have a certified kettlebell trainer teach proper technique, because the use of weighted momentum exercises without proper knowledge can lead to injury. Expanding your client base and career with ASFA’s kettlebell instruction certification is a great way to add some intensity and endurance to your workouts.

 Kettlebell exercises involve swinging motions that can raise the kettlebell high above the head all the way to ground level. These wide range movements develop a strong and functional core; additionally, kettlebell workouts build strength and cardiovascular endurance. Not only is it a workout, it is a new style than what you are used too; this new workout style is fun and can be used to put your core to the ultimate test. Kettlebells can also hold an advantage for someone whose schedule is constrained. Because of the small compact size of a kettlebell, it can be purchased and then exercises can take place at home. One weight can be used in almost all workouts and the only thing needed is the applicable space to perform the workout.

By learning kettlebell exercises and workouts, you could be doing your body a huge favor. Build your core, increase your endurance, and give your body something different to look forward to in the gym. Become an ASFA® certified fitness instructor today and begin to take your fitness and career to the next level.

Kettlebell Certification

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