Kettlebell Certification

Kettlebell Certification

In the quickly changing world of fitness, it is essential that professional trainers remain current with the latest trends in order to remain a viable and competitive training option for potential clients. The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) provides a way for experienced fitness professionals to do just that.

ASFA® is continually researching the latest trends and fitness discoveries to help trainers stay cutting-edge in a highly competitive industry. And one of the most in-demand requests in today’s fitness world is kettlebell training. So ASFA® has developed an online Kettlebell Certification to meet the needs of professionals looking for continuing education that addresses the incredible potential profit in this niche market.

The Kettlebell Instructor Certification covers history, safety, moves and more in ASFA’s online, risk-free test. A wide variety of athletes—from swimmers to basketball players to football players and runners and more—and individuals seeking to stay fit utilize kettlebell training as part of their fitness routines. This wide-ranging demand means a huge potential client base for trainers worldwide.

With an ASFA® certification in Kettlebell Training, the fitness professional’s portfolio can showcase their commitment to providing safe and effective training and maximum results, giving them the edge they need to win more clients and boost their earning power. 

Kettlebell Certification

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