Fitness Professional Kit

Fitness Professional Kit



ASFA's fitness professional kit is designed to help you with the documents needed for a successful business in the fitness industry. Whether you are looking for essential diet/workout logs, business and marketing plan templates, assessment sheets, daily workout summaries or more -  ASFA® has the package for you. Included in your Fitness Professional Kit are the tools you need to help you succeed!

Fitness Professional Kit - Get the documents that you need to make your business more effective and successful!

ASFA® Sample Business Plan
Most successful businesses start with a plan.  Do you have one for your fitness company?  Have you really thought about all the aspects that need to be considered to make your company successful?  Included in the fitness professional kit is a business plan template.  Being the best trainer your can be is only half of the battle.  You need to understand your business to optimize your service level and earnings potential. 

ASFA® Sample Market Analysis and Planning Template
Advertising and marketing are essentials for any business. Included in this sample is template information used to identify key opportunities in your area to help grow your business.  Learn how to use fitness marketing and create a plan to promote your business with ASFA's market analysis and planning template.

ASFA® Sample Assessment Sheet
Keep track of your client’s progress!  From measuring body fat %, to resting and exertion heart rate, to measurements and strength tests, your assessment sheet will give a full description of your client’s fitness conditioning level. The best way to show your client’s progression and retain his/her business is to show irrefutable measured progress.

ASFA® Sample Food Diary
Help your clients achieve maximal goals by monitoring nutrition. Included in this diet log are sections for each meal and snack in addition to water intake, daily exertion, and amount of rest time. The food diary is essential for any trainer to optimize their client’s goals!

ASFA® Sample Cardiovascular Exercise Journal
Help your clients achieve maximal by tracking their cardiovascular exercise. From recording time in target heart rate zone to a step count throughout the day, the cardiovascular exercise journal is an essential for fitness clients. 

ASFA® Sample Resistance Exercise Journal
Making it easy for trainers to assign or evaluate the weight used and sets and reps completed, ASFA® includes a resistance training exercise journal in your fitness professional kit. The resistance training exercise journal shows in detail every exercise completed and chronicles strength and conditioning performance. Logging resistance training is a great way to monitor progression and show performance results for your client.


ASFA® Sample Diet/Fitness Summary
Help your clients summarize their daily caloric intake and expenditure throughout the day. This summary is designed to show an overview of your client’s daily activity in a snapshot.  Sometimes, time constraints might stop you from being able to view every client journal in detail.  That is why the daily diet/fitness summary is a great way to see your client's entire day in a glance.


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