Bodyweight Training Certification


ASFA’s Bodyweight Training Certification helps meet the continuing education needs of experienced fitness professionals seeking to draw clients interested in obtaining fitness through bodyweight exercises. The Bodyweight Training Certification includes a diverse collection of bodyweight exercises, workout routine development and functional assessments.  If your clients are looking for a natural form of fitness – bodyweight fitness is the specialty for you. A Bodyweight Strength Trainer Certification is a great way to learn how to become strong, fit and lean without large and bulky equipment.

The Bodyweight Strength Trainer Certification addresses different methods of bodyweight strength and flexibility assessments, exercises and accessories.  This qualification is unique, as its focus includes strictly bodyweight fitness.  Bodyweight fitness is an easy way to measure strength and endurance per individual size. Those looking to earn a Calisthenics Certification online can take ASFA's Bodyweight Training Certification online to focus their fitness careers. Specializing your knowledge with a Bodyweight Trainer Certification shows your commitment to teaching your clients how to stay lean and fit when they are not able to come to the gym.

A Bodyweight Training Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through:

  • Enhanced understanding of a diverse collection of bodyweight strength training exercises, assessments and drills
  • Demonstrated commitment to bodyweight fitness training, in key areas such as: core strengthening, upper and lower body strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning and more
  • Increased knowledge showcasing specialized expertise in bodyweight fitness program design and bodyweight workouts
  • Increasing your clients’ fitness by teaching clients ways to stay fit and lean when they are out of town and/or cannot get to the gym

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