Balance and Stability Instruction Certification


ASFA’s Balance and Stability Instruction Certification helps meet the continuing education needs of experienced fitness professionals seeking to draw clients interested in obtaining greater balance and stability. The Balance and Stability Instructor Certification includes a diverse collection of balance-related tests, assessments, drills and more.  Whether your clients are senior citizens or performance athletes, balance and stability training instruction is essential for performance.  Very few certifications span the breadth of the fitness industry from the best athletes to those unable to maintain mobility.

The Balance and Stability Instruction Certification addresses different methods of testing, exercises, accessories and mobility program development.  This qualification is unique, as its focus includes improving athletic performance as well as improving senior quality of life.  Balance and stability are essential parts of everyday life for every person.  Specializing your knowledge as a Balance and Stability Instructor relates to every client and can help optimize any fitness routine.

A Balance and Stability Instruction Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through:

  • Enhanced understanding of a diverse collection of mobility exercises, assessments and drills
  • Demonstrated commitment to balance instruction, in key areas such as: core strengthening, postural strategies and more
  • Increased knowledge showcasing specialized expertise in balance and stability program design
  • Expanding your client base ranging from the most athletic to those who cannot maintain their own balance

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