A Professional's Guide to Small-Group Personal Training

Clients often find the camaraderie of group training to be engaging and fun, motivating them to commit to regular activity. But participants also appreciate a more personalized experience, with focused attention from the instructor. That’s where small-group training comes in. A Professional’s Guide to Small-Group Personal Training is a much-needed resource designed to help you successfully lead training sessions for small groups—incorporating group dynamics and your knowledge of training principles to develop business offerings that will create a new stream of revenue.

Learn how to apply group dynamics and social interaction to create a comfortable environment for clients who enjoy personal training in a group setting. Develop the skills necessary to quickly modify work for each participant to keep your entire group engaged and progressing toward their fitness goals. Increase client performance, adherence, and enjoyment while growing relationships between yourself and your clients—and your clients’ relationships with one another—with proven strategies for success.

You’ll find 12 sample programs with dynamic warm-ups and cool-downs, all suitable for a variety of needs and fitness goals, that will keep groups moving from beginning to end. Also included are over 70 exercises, complete with descriptions and variations that will enable you to quickly modify exercises for group members who are more advanced or less advanced than the rest of the group.

With A Professional’s Guide to Small-Group Personal Training, you’ll maximize your training hours and increase your revenue potential while creating a fun, safe, and motivating environment for your clients.