Water Aerobics: Have Fun & Burn Calories!

Water Aerobics Certification

The definition of water aerobics is aerobic exercises performed in water such as a pool. The water is usually waist to chest deep and provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can get a great resistance workout with minimal stress on the joints.

Water aerobics is a fun way to burn calories. Because of the resistance from the water, you are using multiple muscles at the same time and working against the gravity of the water. This gives you a big advantage when it comes to burning calories. Water aerobics calories are burned more efficiently than when performing the same exercises out of the water. The calories burned during water aerobics range from 400-600 calories per hour. The moves are able to be modified to help new comers and also to help more advanced exercisers stay challenged. The technique are performed under the water and gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace during class without fearing judgement from others. This is especially appealing for elderly water aerobics goers and prenatal water aerobics goers. The water instructor certification ensures that the instructor knows how to teach water aerobics with guidance to modify any moves as needed.

Another fun aspect of water aerobics is that you already have everything you need for class! There is no equipment necessary to be successful in a water aerobics class. You are using you own body weight against the resistance of the water to help strengthen your muscles and burn calories. Our bodies are lighter in water than out of water. This can give you greater mobility in the water with no stress on the joints, making it the perfect workout for those coming back into fitness from injury. You will also be building endurance during water aerobics that will help you in other sports and life in general.

Water aerobics is a fun way to burn calories. Sign up your friends and try a water aerobics class for a fun workout! You’ll enjoy the low impact and muscles strengthening moves and benefit from the calorie burn as well.

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Water Aerobics Certification

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