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Sports Nutritionist Certification

How to gain an advantage over your competition and develop your personal fitness career

Fitness instruction is a highly competitive business. There are many instructors who offer a similar service to you and have a similar range of skills. This can cause problems and can result in a lack of interest in your own service. How can you excel as an instructor and give yourself a unique advantage? How can you offer something different and vital that will give potential customers a reason to choose you over trainer X on the next block? You can work on your own service, presentation, and range of classes, but to truly diversify, you should look at gaining additional qualifications and improving your skill set. One certification that is always in demand and every client can benefit from is you becoming a qualified Sports Nutritionist. An ASFA® certification in sports nutrition provides a credible way to improve your own business and gain the advantage over your competition while improving your knowledge and skills in a beneficial way.

Sports Nutrition is vital for professional athletes and everyday gym patrons alike. In today’s world, professional sports require a whole new level of commitment and dedication. Part of this commitment relates to maintaining a strict diet and ensuring your intake of nutrients and vitamins is balanced. You must ensure that your body is receiving exactly what it needs to allow you to perform at your maximum efficiency. At the same time, who doesn’t need help with nutrition?! Every fitness professional knows that you are what you eat and working out is only half of the battle! Expanding into this area of business can be exactly what you need to provide you with a whole new range of clients and improve your fitness instruction performance.

ASFA® provides a Sports Nutrition certification that is both convenient and credible. ASFA® has certified thousands of fitness professionals throughout the United States and Internationally. This qualification can be taken online, and can also be completed whenever you like. You don’t have to commit to a set date or time for an examination, you can simply study at your own pace. To gain a competitive edge, and to further your own business, this qualification is a perfect avenue to pursue.  

Sports Nutritionist Certification


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