Sport-Specific Training: When Every Second Counts

Sport Specific Training Certification

Standardized fitness regimes and training can greatly improve an individual’s performance and overall fitness, but a Sport Specific Training program can help to give that extra boost that is needed to gain a competitive edge. For example, an athlete who receives specific training and conditioning to prepare for an important race could benefit greatly and this could mean they shave fractions from their times and qualify in a stronger position. In competitive sports, every second, every inch, and every possible advantage matters so providing athletes with sport specific training is vital.
ASFA® offers our Sport Specific Training certifications for personal trainers and coaches alike. As a form of further education, and as a means to specialize in a certain field, this is a great opportunity to take your personal training career to the next level. Consider the avenues of business that will open to you – aside from providing a first-class personal training program, you will also be able to help athletes compete at the highest levels and give them specific training to continually improve their performance.

ASFA highly recommends looking at a Sport Specific Training certification for career enhancement!

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