Self Defense Certification: Simple Safety Techniques

Self Defense Instruction Certification

Keeping it Simple...

     In this blog, we would like to deal with typical reactions to stress and how to implement simple safety self defense techniques.  First we need to identify typical reactions to being accosted.  Those reactions are:

1.)  Fight

2.)  Flight

3.)  Freeze

If you reaction is to fight, then you must remember to escape to safety when you have a chance (instead of fighting on and having the possibility that you cannot).  If your reaction is flight, you need to know some simple techniques to free yourself from an assailant so that you can flee.  And, if your reaction is freeze, you need to have trained your muscle memory in several simple reactions to free yourself and escape.  For more information on these reactions, you can read, "On Combat".  

Creating muscle memory that is required to perform simple techniques under stressful situations requires repetition.  Focusing on breathing can help reduce the freeze instinct.  But, training your mind and body to react with simple strikes and movements to the point that they are second nature if you feel threatened is the best way to beat the freeze.  Of course, we all know that as you become nervous, you start to lose motor skills.  So, keep your techniques and striking areas simple.  This isn't the movies... Don't try to jump up - spin around - and inverted crescent kick someone...  Simple efficient and effective strikes to vital areas are what is required.  

For more information on training your body and getting fit with self defense style fitness classes, you can click the link below and check out our Self Defense Instruction Certification.

Self Defense Instruction Certification

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