Personal Training Certification: Let's Review the Basics

Personal Training Certification

Personal training can be a rewarding career as you help to influence and guide others to lead a more active and fit lifestyle. Let’s review the basics on how to get certified to be a personal trainer and learn what training is needed to become a personal trainer.

Studying for your personal trainer certification will help you learn everything you need to know before you take your test. The way that you study will be a personal preference. Some companies will allow you to download and study materials online. The online training also connects you to online help and group chats so that virtual study groups can be connected. You will have electronic access to all the resources that you need including online help from an online trainer. Other companies will require a hands-on classroom instruction training program. These have less flexibility in scheduling as you must select from class times that are offered. You will have live demonstrations and presentations of the testing knowledge and will be able to create a connection with the instruction and your fellow classmates. Be sure to look into the requirements of the establishment you want to be employed with so you will be sure to test for the correct certifications required. Online personal training certification programs offer the greatest amount of flexibility for busy schedules and full time careers.

After you have finished studying your materials, you are required to be CPR/AED certified before training. You will need to check again to see if the CPR/AED classes must be done in person or if a certification training online version is accepted. Many establishments require the classroom instruction so that you can have hands on help to truly learn the material in an emergency situation. Many of the online classes for this have come a long way and are also used and accepted for personal training certificate testing.

Now that you have completed your coursework and have received your CPR/AED certification, you are ready to take the certified personal trainer test. The test will be a review of the course guide that you either have loaded electronically or the course books that you have studied from. Once you pass the test, you will be an official CPT trainer. Congrats on your accomplishment!

Personal Training Certification

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