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Master Personal Training Certfication
Who is the top fitness trainer in your gym?  Who has reached the top levels of performance and knowledge that sets him/her apart from the rest?  If the answer isnt' YOU, that is a problem!  It isn't uncommon to work in a gym with 10+ trainers.  Of course, all of the trainers are competing for the same client pool.  So, how to you set yourself apart?  Most trainers set themselves apart with specialty certifications.  But, the one certification that most trainers do not take the time to study for and obtain is Master Personal Trainer.  

Being a Master Level Personal Trainer shows that you have gone above-and-beyond basic proficiency training. You have learned more about physiology, kinesiology, bio-mechanic, nutrition, etc.  Most trainers simply pick up another certification to appeal to a different audience.  But, what most people want is a trainer that is the BEST at TRAINING.  Specializing your training shows a dedication to a specific audience.  But, being a Master Level Personal Trainer shows a dedication to the craft itself.  So, now think about that question again. 

Who is the top trainer in your gym?  Now think about this question:  Why isn't it you?
Master Personal Training Certification

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