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Martial Arts Fitness Instruction

Rank Doesn't Mean You Know How to Instruct

Having a black belt alone does not mean that you know how to instruct.  Mastering the basics of a martial arts style is one thing.  Mastering how to teach it to others is another.  Think back through your martial arts days.  How many times have you seen a new black belt ordering around his/her students and making them do dangerous exercises?  How many times have you seen an instructor have a student do something that is dangerous to that student and the others and say that "it is good for him."  

Just like being good at a sport doesn't mean you will be a good coach, being a black belt doesn't mean that you understand martial arts fitness and conditioning.  What are the safest ways to improve dynamic strength and movement?  What is the best form of stretching to complete prior to speed and agility drills?  What footwork and hand-eye coordination drills are most beneficial for martial arts training?  You can find out today by taking our Martial Arts Fitness Instruction certification.  This certification is a must-have for fitness professionals trying to expand into martial arts conditioning and martial arts instructors trying to learn martial arts specific fitness fundamentals.  

Martial Arts Fitness Instruction
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