Kettlebell Certification: Functionally Fit--Get Qualified!

Kettlebell Instruction CertificationIf you are considering expanding your fitness career, a certification in a specialized area could prove to be extremely beneficial. But which certification do you choose? Which area of fitness will prove to be the most beneficial for your knowledge base and business?

ASFA offers many online certifications to choose from--Indoor Cycling InstructionAdvanced Personal TrainingBalance and Stability Instruction training, so which one would be best for you? 

Only you can answer that question based on your personal and professional needs and interests. If you are looking for a great place to start, consider ASFA’s Kettlebell Instruction Certification, which is a new popular specialty and ideal for group fitness classes. Kettlebell Instruction emphasizes functional movements, using momentum with controlled, dynamic stops. Becoming functionally fit has never been so important--it's about all about engaging in physical activity to improve your quality of life, and you might have some fun along the way!

Kettlebell training offers numerous physical benefits such as improved muscle and joint strength and greater resistance to injury. During the certification, you will learn how to correctly use kettlebells, and develop your knowledge of the different techniques you can perform such as "the clean and jerk", or the "split lunge press". Kettlebell Certification is a great way to update and expand your resume as well as specialize in a dynamic popular area of fitness!

ASFA’s online Kettlebell Instruction Certification is excellent continuing education which is recognized throughout the fitness industry. Our certification program is very straightforward and can help take your fitness career to the next level. You can complete this qualification online without having to travel to a test center. Study in your own time, at your own pace. Your clients will be impressed with the new fitness opportunity you are able to provide and will love the new variety. Credible, convenient continuing education – what else could you ask for?

Industry leading ASFA® certifications can be taken online – at your own convenience, 24/7, pay only if you pass!

Kettlebell Instruction Certification

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