How Do You Become a Pilates Instructor?

Pilates Certification

The journey to becoming a Pilates instructor often starts by becoming a personal trainer.  A personal training certification has similar physical trainer education requirements as other fitness programs. You need to complete all of your classes to become a personal trainer. Once you complete your course work, you will be eligible to take the CPT exam. Going over a personal training certification practice test can help give you confidence in the exam portion and help give you a general idea of what to expect on text day. After receiving a passing grade on your CPT exam, you are a certified personal trainer!

It is common for many trainers to obtain additional certifications in areas of fitness that they have a strong passion or interest in. Pilates is one of those specialty certificates that are in high demand. You have the option to take a Pilates instructor class that may be offered locally at a health club or personal training school where others are also training to be a fitness instructor. You also have the option to do a gym trainer course online, which grants you the greatest flexibility with time and scheduling. Online classes give you the option to study and learn when you have free time available. You can take as long as you need to with your personal study habits. Some schools will require that you go to a local testing center to take the exam in person. Other schools will allow you to take the exam online from anyplace you have access to a computer. This option works really well for trainers who are busy training during the day or work odd hours with clients. Online learning allows them to have access to continued education classes and the ability to obtain additional fitness certifications.

Whether you choose to do your Pilates instructor certification in person at a training school or online in your spare time, both will give you the job opportunity as a Pilates instructor. You will be responsible for creating a routine that your clients can follow with your support and guidance. You will need to manage your clients during class to make sure that they are practicing good form and stay injury free. Group instructors receive the privilege of getting to guide a group of individuals in their fitness journey for a healthier lifestyle.

Pilates training will help your clients increase flexibility, mobility, stability, and increased overall functional fitness for better daily living.

Pilates Certification

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