Group Ex Cert: Bootcamp Training!

Group Ex/Bootcamp Certification

Group exercise is fun, intense and motivational.  But, have you picked it up to the next level of intensity?  Bootcamp classes are usually more intense than regular group fitness and are often held outside.  Bootcamp classes have special considerations that most group fitness classes do not.  For example, an outdoor bootcamp class has significantly different safety and exercise considerations than an indoor beginner group exercise class.  Have you been teaching or taking Group Fitness classes for awhile and are ready to take your workout to a more rigorous and intense class?  If so, then Bootcamp Instruction is right for you!

ASFA's Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction certification combines the best of both worlds.  You can learn to instruct the whole spectrum from beginning group exercise classes to the most intense extreme bootcamps!  Take your group fitness up a notch.  Become a Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instructor today!

Group Ex/Bootcamp Certification

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