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Bootcamp Instructor Certification

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Are you ready to take group fitness to the next level?  For qualified and experienced fitness professionals, becoming a bootcamp instructor is convenient and at your fingertips.  ASFA® offers a combined Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction certification online.  We all know that there is only so much good you can do for clients with one-on-one training.  There are only so many hours in the day!  But, by learning the methodology and techniques of Group Fitness and Bootcamp exercises, you can maximize your clients' benefit and income at the same time! 

If you are ready for the next challenge in your fitness career, why not take up Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction.  Maximize your knowledge base, client benefit and income all at one.  And - best yet - you can test online from your home!  We never charge for failed tests and your won't pay until you pass.  Click the link below to learn how to teach groups and run bootcamps today!

Bootcamp Instructor Certification
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