Golf Fitness Certification: What Your Client's Want to Know

Golf Fitness Instruction Certification

Teach golf enthusiasts about fitness, and help improve both their game and their own health.

Golf is a fantastic sport that has been played for hundreds of years throughout the world. The modern game originated in Scotland in the 15th century and has evolved since then to become a truly entertaining and challenging past time for many. Golf is enjoyed as a recreational sport and many take to the courses in their spare time to relax, exercise and keep fit. As a personal fitness instructor, golf fitness could be a great way to boost your career and bring in a new range of specific clients. ASFA® provides a golf fitness instruction certification that is one of the best ways to enter this area of sport-specific fitness.

What can your clients expect from this certification? As a certified golf fitness instructor, you will be able to help individuals improve aspects of their game. You will also be able to show them how golf can be used as a fitness activity, and different techniques they can use that can improve their stamina, strength, posture, and control. In short, your clients will improve their game, and their own levels of fitness. Exercise is often much more appealing when you are competing in a sport you love. For golf enthusiasts, this could be the perfect way for them to keep healthy while improving performance in their favorite sport.

By taking this certification, you are creating your own fitness niche and legitimizing your business. You can appeal to those who love the sport of golf and to those who might be interested in taking it up. As a personal trainer, this is a fantastic route to take to improve your personal knowledge and potential client base!

Golf Fitness Instruction Certification


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