Functional Fitness Certification: At its Core

Functional Fitness Certification

Core Strength:  The Key to Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is all about making your client's lives better by improving functionality.  One essential component of functional fitness is core strength.  Bulging biceps and huge pecs look great... but, how much do they really help when that same person's posture is terrible and he/she is in constant pain due from his muscular imbalance.  Everyone has different goals.  And, if you are a bodybuilder, that is great!  But, be proportioned.  Have great symmetry and strength.  Be sure that your core is strong and holds you upright.  Because at the core of functional strength is core strength.

The type of strength that is required to fulfill everyday tasks (whether bailing hay or sweeping rugs) is core strength.  Good posture and lifting form are reliant on it.  So, when you think about your next continuing fitness education course and you think about what would be best for you and your clients, think about practicality.  Think about become a certified Functional Fitness Instructor!

Functional Fitness Instructor Certification

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