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Dance/Hip-Hop Fitness Certification

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Dance is one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of fitness exercise. Dancing requires a great deal of strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina and control. Engaging regularly in dance fitness will have a great benefit to your personal health and fitness. Those who regularly attend dance fitness classes can count themselves among some of the fittest individuals in the industry. As a fitness instructor, you might want to consider expanding your career into this area and become an ASFA® certified dance/hip-hop instructor. One genre of dance that is highly popular is hip-hop. This genre is one of the most widely practiced forms of dance and has a huge following.

Hip-hop dance was first established back in the late 1960's and became extremely popular through the 70's and later. Pioneering artists developed moves such as breaking, popping and locking in tune to the urban music. When taking the ASFA® dance/hip-hop instruction certification, you can expect to recreate these fantastic moves and learn about the roots of hip-hop dance. You will also have a greater understanding of why dance is so physically beneficial and how it can develop your strength and flexibility. Additionally, you will learn a host of moves and routines that you can incorporate into your new dance classes.

This ASFA® qualification is one of the best dance certifications available and for those who love hip-hop, there is no better option. Once certified, you will have a whole host of practical knowledge that you can use in your new career path. As one of the premier online dance/hip-hop fitness certifications, this is a great way to try something different, appeal to a new range of clients, and take your career to the next level!

Dance/Hip-Hop Fitness Certification


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