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Sports Nutrition Certification
Become a Certified Sports Nutritionist
Diet is half of the battle.  You are what you eat.  By now you have heard them all!  The only question is why is every personal trainer also certified as a sports nutritionist.  For that matter, why isn't every qualified fitness professional certified as a Sports Nutritionist?  Most gym members are there to lose weight.  The most requested physique is tone and lean.  So, isn't it time to further you fitness education by learning about nutrients and nutritional strategies?  You can help your clients' sports performance and general health and at the same time get more out of your workouts.  What could be a better combination.  Sports Nutritionist is one qualification that helps your clients' health, your potential client base, your personal health and your income!  So, what are you waiting for?  Just click on the link below to start learning about sports nutrition and how what you eat affects your performance!
Sports Nutritionist Certification
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