5 Reasons to Become a Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness Certification

Top 5 Reason to Instruct Group Exercise Classes

1.  Maximize Your Benefit.  By learning group methods, you can reach more clients that you can with one-on-one training.

2.  Maximize Your Income.  To stay in the fitness industry, you have to be able to pay your bills!  More clients = more income.

3.  Enjoy the Group Dynamic.  Training groups in a fun and social experience.

4.  Maximize Affordability.  In addition to being more income for you, the classes are less expensive than one-on-one training for clients.  More people can afford group classes.

5.  Enjoy Competitive Workouts.  Partner activities and competitions can be a fun part of group classes that simply cannot be done with only one client present.

Group Fitness Instruction Certification

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