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Dance/Hip-hop Certification

Dance Aerobics - Fun Fitness

Fitness needs to be fun!  It is a fact of life that people will not voluntarily continue to do something that they believe is a drudgery.  We've all heard that spice is the variety of life.  Maybe fitness needs a little more variety.  Many fitness professionals are set in their ways and believe that true fitness can only be achieved through their chosen discipline.  It is time to add some variety and put some of the fun back into fitness.  There is not a more fun way to get fit that to dance your way there.  Dance movements are a great way to get tone and improve your cardiovascular endurance.  Your clients can burn calories, drop weight, get tone and do cardio all at the same time.  If you can make fitness fun for your clients, you are much more likely to keep them as clients...

Do you remember as a child at recess how you would play sports and exercise for fun?  Well, you aren't the only one.  Almost everyone played the same games at recess.  That also includes your current clients.  Yes, the middle-aged man or woman that is 50 lbs. overweight that you are training also liked to play at recess.  Children get more exercise than adults, in part, because they make exercise fun.  So, why not do what you love and have fun with it!  Learn how to instruct a class and monitor correct form while having fun and dancing.  You can teach a variety of dance moves from different styles of dance.  You can even throw in some hip-hop moves!  Make fitness fun again.  Learn how to become a dance/hip-hop fitness instructor today.

Dance/Hip-hop Certification
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