ASFA's Cycling Training Program: Get Certified!

Cycling Certification Exam
Are you looking for a Cycling Training program that is convenient to your schedule, but still teaches you the knowledge that you need to pursue your passion? If so, ASFA® has just the certification for you!  

ASFA's Cycling instruction certification teaches you what you need to know about the positioning, anatomy, nutrition, recovery and safety considerations of Cycling Instruction. Whether you want to teach beginner classes or advanced hill and sprint classes, your journey starts with your Cycling Instructor Certification. Very few qualifications are so versatile that you can teach beginner through extreme levels.

Also, cycling is considerably lower impact that many forms of cardio (and often with a higher calorie burn).  So, if you are looking to teach a great cardio class that your clients and you yourself can benefit from, click the link below and start your Cycling Instruction certification exam today!
Indoor Cycling Certification Exam

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

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