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ASFA® Certifications
Have you ever felt like you just go through the motions some days?  We have all been there...  But, the important thing to remember is that your training and instruction is relied upon and valued by your clients.  Sure, we all have bad days.  But, your job is to motivate!  So, be and inspiration for your clients!  Let them know that even when you are having a bad day, THEIR fitness is your utmost priority.
As a fitness professional, you are a service provider like no other.  You provide accountability and motivation that leads to a higher quality of life and possibly duration of life.  So, next time your are feeling like phoning-in your workout or training - remember, there is a person on the other side of your training that is counting on you!  Your work changes lives.  You aren't making a cog on a factory line.  You are helping to make a body that someone is living their life in!  Be motivational!  Be professional!  Be accountable!
Don't phone it in.  Be your best with ASFA®!
ASFA® Certifications
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