Expanding Niche Markets in the Fitness Industry

ASFA® Certifications

The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) is the online depot for personal trainers seeking to hone their ability to relate to a wide variety of potential clients—and expand their business potential.  Young and old, healthy and physically challenged—the successful fitness professional needs to know how to talk to and effectively address the needs of widely divergent demographics.

For fitness trainers whose ambition is to remain current and—ideally—cutting-edge in an increasingly competitive industry, ASFA® offers help. ASFA’s online certification programs allow trainers to access portfolio-building continuing education options 24/7, accommodating the busy schedules inherent in growing fitness businesses.

Experienced trainers deserve recognition for their hard-earned knowledge, skills and accomplishments. ASFA® offers a way to prove and showcase their abilities through a variety of tests in specialized fitness areas. Certifications from ASFA make it easy for trainers to market themselves to potential clients, highlighting their commitment to serving them with the latest industry wisdom and tools.   

In addition to providing continuing education certifications, ASFA® also offers a Fitness Professional Kit that helps trainers maximize their time with clients by providing key business plan and training paperwork to make managing the myriad details involved in business ownership less time-consuming.

Which niche market would work best for your clientele?

ASFA® Certifications

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