Water Aerobics: Low-impact Exercise for All Ages

           Water Aerobics Certification

         Are you searching for a new activity to do in your free time, or away from your standard routine? Or are you a heavy lifter that needs to stretch your muscles with active recovery? If you are either one of these, then water aerobics could be the fitness program your workout has been missing. Swimming is not usually involved in the low impact exercise that takes place in a full size swimming pool. If you’re not a strong swimmer, water aerobics should still be on your list to try. Most pools are shallow enough to allow the participant to keep his/her head above water.

            Water aerobics has different forms that can be used depending on your age range and lifestyle water stretching, aqua aerobics, and aqua jog are all different forms of water aerobics. Pools that the exercises take place in are shallow and normally kept around 78°, this temperature promotes calorie burn, while simultaneously cooling the body to prevent overheating.  Standard stretching can put pressure on already tense or broken down muscle tissue, try taking a more relaxing approach with water stretching.

          Seniors can take part in the low impact exercise that water aerobics offer as well. With a shallow pool and mitigation of gravity, water aerobics provides an ideal low-impact solution to seniors with arthritis pains. Because of the lower impact, water aerobics is a great form of exercise for people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, and weak joints.

            Why not diversify your fitness career today by becoming a Water Aerobics Instructor. Whether you train mainly performance athletes needing active recovery; or, seniors looking for greater mobility, Water Aerobics is the right qualification for you!

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