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Cycling Instruction Certification

As the Tour de France is underway, many fitness enthusiasts and amateur cyclists are paying avid attention to the speed and grace of the pros.  With this renewed interest, many gym patrons are motivated to get on their bikes and go.  However, with the heat ranging at up to 110 degrees, most will just stay home dreaming about their ultimate cardio experience.  

As a personal trainer, you can help assist these clients by holding indoor cycling classes!  You can capitalize on the motivation to help newbies and experienced cyclers reach great cardio conditioning in a safe air conditioned environment.  ASFA® offers the Cycling certification for those looking to step up their clients' cardio potential, while at the same time, providing a new and larger income stream for your personal training business with safe effective group classes.

The ASFA® Cycling certification may be taken online in the convenience of your own home and at your own pace.  ASFA® is proudly partnered with Human Kinetics to provide texts and manuals demonstrating the safest and most effective cycling techniques.  So, if you are already an avid cycler yourself, or if you are a fitness professional looking to expand into niche markets and continue your education, now is the time to become a Cycling Instructor.  Let your clients motivation work for them.  As they watch their favorite Cycling athletes on TV, let them live up to their own cardio potential by participating in your Cycling classes.

Cycling Instruction Certification

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