5 Exercises to Build Strong Forearms


Most people neglect training their forearms, which makes them one of the most undervalued muscular areas. Yet, building strong forearms is essential if you want to have more muscular arms.

Although forearm exercises have little to do with your leg or back exercises, having stronger forearms enables you to develop a stronger grip, which is necessary for nearly all pushing and pulling activities. You'll be able to squeeze your weights harder, use more muscles, and produce more force with each movement if your forearms are stronger. In addition, your hands, wrists, and elbows' crisscrossing muscles can be stretched and strengthened with forearm workouts.

Gaining forearm strength also improves grip power, which is a measure of upper body strength. You can carry, grasp, and lift objects more easily when you have a firm grip in daily life and even while exercising. Additionally, working out will increase your power, strengthening your entire body.

Here are a few exercises you can try out to increase the strength of your forearm:


Wrist Curls with a Barbell

One of the most popular forearm workouts is the barbell wrist curl, but most people do it incorrectly. Use weights that allow you to retain a full range of motion during this exercise. The brachioradialis and flexors are worked with barbell wrist curls.

Kneel down at the side of a flat bench with your forearms resting on the bench to perform barbell or dumbbell wrist curls. Use an underhand grip on a barbell, curl it as high as you can, and then extend your wrist and lower the barbell. Allow the barbell to rest on your fingers. This will assist in attracting all the muscle fibers in your hands and forearms.


Reverse Wrist Curls with a Barbell

Another popular forearm workout is barbell reverse curls which are slightly more complex than standard wrist curls. If your gym has a wrist curl machine available, utilize that instead of a flat bench.

You will use lighter weights for this exercise than the standard wrist curl. Use an overhand monkey hold on the bar, placing your thumbs over the barbell. A monkey grip makes it easier to target your forearms. The reverse wrist curls work the extensor muscles.


Barbell Curls with a Reverse Grip

Compound exercises like reverse grip barbell curls can help you build forearm strength and muscular mass. However, your forearms will have to work harder to maintain their grip on the barbell if you hold it with an overhand monkey grip.

Curl the barbell while keeping your elbows close to your sides. Next, squeeze your forearms and biceps at the apex of the movement while performing the repetitions slowly and deliberately. The extensors are worked via reverse grip barbell curls.


Wrist Curls with a Cable Behind the Back

For forearm isolation, a behind-the-back cable wrist curl is an effective exercise. Using the cables, you may keep your forearms under tension while loading your muscles with lactic acid.

Grab a straight bar while standing with your back to the cable pulley machine. Curl the bar and maintain the movement for a few seconds at the contraction. Your brachioradialis and flexors are the main targets of this workout.


Farmer's Walk

The farmer's walk aids in increasing the size and strength of the forearms, which can be applied to other workouts.  Take a pair of dumbbells and walk around with them until you can no longer hold them.  This is a great compound exercise that has many variations (all of which work the forearms).

The pinch carry is another variation of this exercise holding weight plates instead of dumbbells. To prevent the two plates from slipping a pinch carry, you must pinch them together. Pinch carries work your forearms by making you pinch your fingers together tightly to keep the plates from separating while walking.

Your capacity to lift more weight and use more force with each exercise will both increase as your forearms get stronger. 


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5 Exercise to Build Strong Forearms
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