Senior Fitness - Preventing Falls

Senior Fitness Certification

Becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor is a great way to help older adults gain a better quality of life. Preventing falls is a major part of maintaining physical fitness and wellness in older age. Did you know that approximately 33% of all seniors fall per year? Also, over 95% of all hip (pelvic bone) fractures are due to falls. Pairing balance and stability with senior fitness is a natural fit.

Making a difference in someone's life can be more reward than money can ever bring. Helping a senior live longer, healthier and happier is a great accomplishment that all fitness trainers should try to attain. Why not learn about strengthening, safely stretching and physical fitness specific to seniors and pair it will learning about fall prevention with ASFA's new Balance and Stability Instruction Certification. Become a Senior Fitness Instructor and a Balance and Stability Instructor today! Don't just continue your education; make a difference.

Senior Fitness Certification

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