Frequently Asked Questions


1.) When will I receive my certification after passing the test and processing payment?

Upon successful completion of the test and payment through checkout, you will receive your certification within minutes in .pdf format via email.  


2.) What if I cannot find my certification in my e-mail after purchase?

Please provide a valid email address during the checkout process, as your certificate will be sent to this address. Also, check all email folders and add us to your address book. Additionally, you can also use the Certifications Download Area to look up purchased certifications.


3.) Where do ASFA® certified professionals work?

ASFA® has certified many thousands of fitness professionals working throughout the United States and internationally.  Of course, the hiring practices of any business are at the discretion of the manager/owner.


4.) Does ASFA® send certifications by postal mail?

No.  All certifications are sent electronically (via email) upon successful completion of the testing and checkout process.


5.) How can you validate ASFA® certifications?

All ASFA® certifications have a control identifications (CI) number on them.  To authenticate any certificate, please contact us at with your CI# and the individual's full name.


6.) Will ASFA® re-issue certifications or pocket cards?

You may obtain your current certification and/or pocket cards from our certificate download

area with your original email and order number.


7.) Whose name will be on the certification?

The certification will use the name listed in the “shipping address” of the customer’s payment information.


8.) Is there any cost if I fail the certification?

No.  There is no cost unless you pass your selected certification(s) test(s) and complete the checkout.


9.) Can I get insurance with an ASFA® certification?

Yes.  ASFA® is proud to endorse HPSO for your insurance needs. Please check our endorsements page to learn more about applying or Visit HPSO »


10.) Can I get a refund on my certificate?

Due to the electronic delivery (via email) of our product, we do not offer refunds. 


11.) If I am having problems processing my payment, what should I do?

If you are having technical difficulties, please contact us at: with any questions. If the payment needs to be manually processed, please provide your contact information so that customer support can contact you.


12.)  How can I obtain a discount code or apply for the HPSO sponsorship with ASFA®?

Discount codes for ASFA® and affiliate promotions are provided solely to existing members via our newsletter.  You can sign up for our newsletter by joining our mailing list here.


13.)  What percentage is required to pass ASFA® tests?

70% is required to pass all ASFA® tests.


Business hours for ASFA® are Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM CST. You may email us at with any questions.

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