Pilates Exercises for Beginners – We All Start Somewhere

Pilates Certification

As you are working through your education needed to be a personal trainer, you will get to explore a lot of different areas of fitness. Pilates is a popular class to teach and is one of the top personal trainer certification programs offered. Pilates has many different types of exercises that make up the Pilates routines. All of them have modifications so that all individuals regardless of your athletic ability can participate and benefit from them. We all start somewhere on our fitness journey.

The following Pilates exercises are great for beginners:
1. The 100 is a basic Pilates move that engages the core muscles. If you cannot make it through all 100 counts of this core engaging workout, you can change it to 50 or even 25. The idea is to be controlled with your moves and breathing. If you fatigue and lose form or control, you will not be benefitting from the move and could risk overstraining the muscle.

2. Single-Leg Circles is another Pilates move that is great for beginners. This move engages the core as well while focusing on the larger leg muscles. You can modify this move by keeping your leg on the floor slightly bent to help keep your hips in good alignment. There are many great online training pt videos that are used by social media sites to help demonstrate form and modifications.

3. Criss-Cross is another Pilates exercise that tones the entire mid-section. This move looks similar to bicycle ab moves with the opposite elbows meeting the opposite knees. To make an easy modification for beginners, you can add a pillow or another support under your neck so you won’t have to lift up so high and still keep your spine in good alignment.

Back rehab online workouts incorporate many of the beginner Pilates moves to help strengthen the core to support the back in a low impact manner. Any trainer that has a Pilates certification can help you get started with a beginners Pilates routine.

There are hundreds of different Pilates exercises and almost all of them are able to be modified for beginners giving you the freedom to customize your workout for your personal goals!

Pilates Certification


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