Personal Training Course Comparison

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    Which Online Personal Training Course is Right for You?

    Answering the question of which ASFA online personal trainer course to take requires a look into your background and current professional status.  Below are several reasons that might help you choose the correct course:

    • Refresh your fitness knowledge
    • Master the basics for fitness
    • Get back into the fitness industry

    2.  Advanced Personal Training Certification

    • Advance your knowledge from fitness basics
    • Learn more about exercise and nutrition
    • Understand the rational behind correct technique

    3.  Master Personal Training Certification

    • Expand your knowledge to the top-echelons of the fitness industry
    • Understand the methodology of advanced workout theory
    • Understand nutritional strategies 
    • Understand anatomical and physiological effects of workouts

    ASFA® Online Personal Training Certifications

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