Personal Trainer Nutrition Certification

Personal Trainer Nutrition Certification

Personal Training and Nutrition - They Go Hand-in-Hand...

By learning the basics for personal training, most trainers have a baseline knowledge of nutrition and how it affects the body.  The question is, is baseline good enough.  Is it good enough to know the amount of calories in a gram or fat vs a gram of protein or carbohydrate?  Or, do you need to know more?  Should you know methods and strategies for improving sports performance by nutritional intake and timing?  We think you should.  If you are certified as a personal trainer or fitness professional, we think that you should also continue your fitness education by learning about nutrition.  After all, eating is half of the battle...

What fitness professional isn't looking to get his/her clients better results?  Who doesn't want to be more lean and tone?  Help your clients and your own workouts today by learning what it takes to become a certified Sports Nutritionist!

Sports Nutrition Certification
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